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Derek and Clive Update: It would seem that K92 Mining (KNT.v)...

...may have some news for the market soon. While the rest of the market zooms...

...the Derek and Clive stock falls off its own little cliff. Nothing on the wires yet, but KNTs inside the company may well know something we don't.

By the way, scam pumper Tommy Humphreys doesn't like talking about KNT any longer, not because it's fallen off a cliff (though that is his usual M.O.), but because his best pally pal Brian Paes-Braga had a falling out with KNT's IR people Skanderberg. That was over Lithium X (LIX.v)...and that's another very but VERY interesting company right now.

UPDATE: Thanks to reader 'PB' for these links. This news report tells us that around U$4.1m worth of damage was done to Derek & Clive mine assets during the recent protest, the company expects to lose another U$2.5m in revenue while operations are suspended for repairs. Meanwhile this report has Derek & Clive going touchy-feely on us, saying the problems are over. Yeah right, until the next time. Stupid KNTs.