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Join The Allan Barry / RocketRed Campaign to close down IKN!

Roll up! Roll up!

Seriously, this is getting better and better and I haven't even chosen a lawyer yet. Today on Allan Barry and Rocket Red (aka Renneberg) came up with a brilliant plan. Here's the screenshot and here are the two links to the main posts to help you see the originals if need be):

Isn't it wonderful how birds of a feather flock together? Anyway ladies and gents, I think this must be your big chance so why not help Messrs Barry and Renneberg with their crusade? Here's the relevant link to the Google complaints department that Renneberg wants you to use so go ahead, click it and write something about the "lies and racist stuff" you see on IKN and remember, if your grammar is better than the crusaders in chief you may get more traction with the nice Google people (see the latest Alset (ION.v) news release for further details of how not to use the English language).

JOIN THE CAMPAIGN TO SHUT THIS BLOG DOWN! YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE! And let's face it, those two reprobates aren't the first seedy characters that IKN has annoyed over the months and years so if you can think of somebody who'd appreciate joining them and helping shut IKN down once and for all don't hesitate, send them the link to this post, let's see if we can get the Allan/Renneberg initiative to go viral.

Yours in hope of an early retirement, Otto.