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Lithium X (LIX.v): The company reacts exactly as predicted

Remember on Friday evening when this humble corner of cyberspace predicted that Lithium X (LIX.v) would release a really REALLY carefully worded NR on Monday morning? One that would try to deny? And one that would go the sophistry route? IKN even said this at the time:
"...that's not even half the truth because drilling in a different area under a different permit emitted from a different office doesn't change a jot."

Well sure enough, they've done just that. Check out the NR from LIX right here and as a further clue, see how many times they love talking about SDLA and how few times they mention Arizaro.

Therefore, to return to the point made by IKN on Friday, when is LIX going to stop ignoring the Canadian market authorities' rules and provide continuous disclosure on material events at its projects? We would still like LIX to come clean about 1) the well blow-out and 2) the permit suspension.