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Mailbag: "An important message from Rick Rule"

Your humble scribe has just received a mail from Sprott USA with the title line "An important message from Rick Rule" and while that would normally get filed under O for Oxymoron, today's is indeed different and worthy of further dissemination. Link here, full text below:

Sprott Inc., Sprott U.S. Holdings Inc., and several Sprott employees would like to help Texas communities in need. The Houston area has given a lot to the Sprott enterprise, both in terms of investor support, and investment returns.
We would like to show support, now that the Texas community is in need. Sprott's Thoughts is read by tens of thousands of people, and we are soliciting our readers help, in finding meaningful and efficient was to show our support.
If you are aware of non-governmental organizations, with low fee structures and efficient support systems, we would like to know about them. Particular attention will be paid to libertarian oriented organizations.

Please send your suggestions to
Sincerely yours,

Rick Rule, President & CEO
Sprott U.S. Holdings, Inc.