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Tahoe Resources (TAHO) ( Just thirteen trading days ago...

...on Sept 11th, when the trumpety NR out of Tahoe Resources (TAHO) got a bunch of blithering idiots to buy the stock up to U$7, this humble corner of cyberspace told it as it really is in this post:

"...what people who moved the stock up 38% or 40% seem to fail to gather is that the Escobal mine isn't opening any time soon, that the permit is still under legal review, that TAHO has to get community approval before it's out of the woods and, most importantly, the people who they need to get on side are the same people that are blocking the access to the mine. As for the NR itself, that was one veeeery carefully worded piece of legalese. Strange how the market will continue to believe bullshit liars. I mean seriously, what are you betting on here, rule of law in Guatemala?"

And here we are, back under U$5. Further questions?