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The Colombia Gold Symposium, 2017

As the 2016 event was a great success, as the upcoming 2017 version is set to be even better and as IKN is a sponsor this time around (seriously), here's the blurb on the Colombia Gold and Copper Symposium 2017, to be held in Medellín in November. Well worth your time, get information on when and how to attend on this link right here.


The Colombia Gold and Copper Symposium is rapidly establishing itself as one of the must-attend events for the mining and exploration sectors in Latin America, with an increasing number of companies presenting and drawing delegates from around the world to find out more about gold and copper project opportunities in Colombia and the region.

With over 250 people forecast to attend this year, Mining Journal is a media partner and will be providing extensive coverage.

Some 15 companies will talk about their projects over the two days including presentations about development stage projects with Minesa (private) talking about the Soto Norte gold project in Santander that was formerly owned by AUX; Continental Gold (CN:TSX) presenting Buritica, Metminco (AU:MNC) talking about Miraflores and AngloGold Ashanti talking about Gramalote.

A separate session will focus on gold producers including Red Eagle Mining (TSX:R) San Ramon, Antioquia Gold (CN:AGD) Cisneros and Colombian producer Mineros SA talking about its operations in Colombia and Nicaragua.

But it is the exploration potential that is drawing considerable interest, particularly for copper.

CGS2017 features a sizeable copper session that will be led-off by Gloria Prieto of the Colombian Geological Survey (CGS). The CGS has focused a lot of attention on working up information about Colombia’s copper potential given that the government plans to focus on copper for its first auction of exploration concessions.

Proof of the copper potential in the region will be provided by Joseph Salas of Atico Mining (CN:ATY) who will talk about exploration around its El Roble mine and volcanic massive sulphide deposit in Choco, Mario Stifano of Cordoba Minerals (CN:CDB) and its San Matias project that has potential for being district-scale, and just south of Colombia’s border with Ecuador, Jason Ward of Solgold (CN:SOLG) will present about the potential of Cascabel that has elicited such interest amongst majors.Jeff Toohey of MineraCobre(private) a company formed by the founders of Red Eagle, will talk about the potential of its extensive land package in the Murindo copper belt.

For those more interested in gold, Ignacio Salazar of Orosur (CN:OMI) will provide an update about the Anza project in Antioquia where it has recently restarted drilling; Gran Colombia Gold (CN:GCM) Will present about the high-grade mineralisation it is finding at its Marmato project and Tim Coughlin of Royal Road Minerals (CN:RYR) will talk about exploration in Nariño, one of Colombia’s most promising areas now that the civil conflict with the FARC is ending. Earlier stage exploration opportunities include Angel Gold (CN:ANG).

Colombia is not without its operational and regulatory issues and CGS2017 features presentations by Silvana Habib, president of the National Mining Agency about the agency’s efforts to make administration of the sector more efficient, and Santiago Angel of the Colombian Mining Association about the main areas of work on the legislative7administrative agenda. The regulatory session will also include a roundtable discussion by leading natural resource lawyers of strategies for companies to adopt to deal with particularly aspects of bureaucracy.

Regulatory issues are but one class of challenges that mining faces in the region and obtaining the social license to operate often eclipses all others. CGS2017 will look at strategies that can help companies turn potential threats into opportunities, with Don Clarke of Birsa International talking about optimizing community relations. Water is a critical issue for many communities in the Andean region and fears for their water sources often sees communities want to put the brakes on mining developments. Water issues and impacts are much misunderstood and mining companies generally do a poor job of communicating on water issues, and so Patrick Williamson of INTERA will talk about responsible water management and communication for mining. The environment can be an equally emotive and sensitive issues, and equally misunderstood. Brigitte Baptiste of the Humboldt Institute is one of the few voices of reason amidst the hysteria that environmental issues can arouse and will speak about under what conditions mining is compatible with the environment.  With a peace deal recently concluded, Sergio Guzman of Control Risks will talk through some of the issues and opportunities this represents for natural resource companies.

Mining and exploration occur within an investment context, and CGS2017 includes the participation of several experts to share their thoughts, including a keynote presentation by Rick Rule of Sprott Asset Management, Canadian bank CIBC and Peru’s Kallpa Securities amongst others.

The future of mining requires innovation for competitiveness and efficiency, a session that will be led by Javier Quintana of EY, and followed by Roger Pettman who will talk about the Cycladex process for processing gold without or cyanide and Thomas Hentschel of the Better Gold Initiative about ways to work with small miners.

A key element of CGS2017 is the field trip programme, and this year sees visits to San Matias (Cordoba Minerals), San Ramon (Red Eagle Mining), El Roble (Atico Mining), Buritica (Continental Gold), Anza (Orosur) and Cisneros (Antioquia Gold).