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The East Asia Minerals (EAS.v) scam: Head scam runner Mike Hawkins rises again

I'm a little late to this news, so thanks to reader 'DE' for the nudge on this news release dated August 25th from East Asia Minerals (EAS.v). Here's the relevant extract:

The Company is also pleased to announce the return of Mr. Mike Hawkins, the former CEO of East Asia Minerals Corporation (2006-2011). Mike has been appointed as the Company’s Executive Consultant. As the former CEO responsible for identifying and acquiring both Miwah and Sangihe mining projects, which the Company is currently developing he has been appointed to provide guidance and consulting on the asset development of Miwah and Sangihe as well as assisting on identifying and acquiring new mining opportunities for the Company. “During Mike’s tenure, in 2010, the Company reached the historically highest market valuation of $600 million and acquired several gold and uranium properties,” said Mr. Filbert.

Mr. Filbert further commented that, “Mike was responsible for the acquisition and then sale of a uranium mine asset to Areva NC for $83 million and a dividend of $70 million to East Asia shareholders. We are fortunate to have his guidance and access to his 30 plus years of experience as an exploration geologist and executive for major mining companies throughout the Pacific, Asia and South America.

“Mike has gladly accepted the appointment to return and see through those projects he started before he had to leave due to health reasons. Mike’s rejoining our team should give our shareholders confidence that East Asia Minerals is building a strong qualified team that will lead to new opportunities for success based on the historic value of the Company.”

Health reasons! HEALTH REASONS!!!! My stars, you know the fun times are back in the TSXV show when this scumbag goes back to the scene of his crimes and is welcomed in with open arms by the brand new pieces of excrement running the shop. You may not remember this IKN post from October 2011 after EAS collapsed, but I sure do. There have been several companies over the years that get compared to Bre-X, but EAS.v really does deserve the comparison. Remember the high sulphidation drill results that were all exactly the same, whatever the hole? Remember the whispers of "there's 30m ounces here!" that would never get to a NR but would whistle round the desks? But above all remember this, the $5m+ in shares that Mike Hawkins while CEO cashed out from 20c options awards:

He sold all the way down, right from the height of the utter BS hype he created. Seeing this douche back at EAS is all you need to know. Avoid like the plague, do not believe the hype, these people are liars and thieves.