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An interesting new blog

It's called Alphaminingblog, it's new today, the owner sent over a mail to ask whether I'd check it out. I did and thanks to posts such as this one that rips quite correctly into the mediocre BS that is Los Andes Copper (LA.v) in good style, it's already looking like a promising source. Here's how that post ended:
"If anybody from Los Andes Copper reads this, I'm sorry to pick on you in my first blog post.  My view is that you wasted money paying biased newsletter writers to hype your story to make it sound better than it really is.  That is not serving your shareholders well and it takes capital away from other projects with better economics that should be advanced.  Oh, and you should remove the paid research report from your website because the regulators take the view that it has to be NI43-101 compliant if you disseminate it and that report is not compliant!"

Well said, apart from the apology Rob; never apologize to a mining sector parasite (a statement which includes John Lee and Vic Alboini, of course). There are two other posts up on the blog already, so go check out the whole thing on this link right here. I'll be keeping my beady eye on Alphaminingblog, wishing it godspeed.

PS: And Greg Johnson, of course.