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Keith Neumeyer, August 2016

At the time our everso everso special CEO Keith Neumeyer spoke these words, silver was at the U$20/oz mark and gold was revolving around U$1,350/oz:
We’re obviously at $20 silver. We’re at $1,350 gold, currently. I think, quite honestly, there’s a chance that we’re going to see $25 silver by the end of the year and then we could likely see $1,500 or $1,600 gold by the end of the year. Maybe those will prove to be too optimistic, but if it doesn’t happen between now and the end of the year, it’s going to happen sometime within the next 12 months.

And here's how First Majestic ( (AG) has done since those wise words were spoken:

Down over 60%. Emperor's New Clothes.