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Novo Resources (NVO.v): The drill hole at Pilbara

EDIT: Seriously, are you people this freakin' dumb? What does "I am neutral NVO", repeated time after time, mean to you? Do you have a problem with 5th grade English language comprehension? Stick your dumbass mails where the sun doesn't shine. My stars, the mining sector attracts some seriously stupid individuals.

After posting what I posted on Novo Resources (NVO.v) yesterday, I received a very interesting mail from A. Reader who told me that my post was nearly correct, because there has in fact been a hole drilled in that neck of the woods. It was sunk in 1987 by CRA Exploration and it was a deep one, too. Here follows the pages of the report published by CRA on that hole and I think anyone interested in the story should have a good read of it. Half a metre thickness? Hmmmm...

I remain neutral NVO.v.