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Tahoe Resources (TAHO): Bullets in Copters

The photo from the report

The last time we heard from the liars and idiots running Tahoe Resources (TAHO) ( on the snafu at San Rafael las Flores (aka the Escobal mine in Guatemala) was September 26th when the company said, "The Company is making progress with engaging stakeholders at the Casillas roadblock."

Cue owly:

Here's the cruel reality, in this report out of Guatemala today. Your humble scribe translates:

A helicopter headed toward Minera San Rafael was attacked by firearms and hit by one bullet that put a hole into its tail, close to the rear rotor.

According to the mining company, the helicopter was carrying supplies needed for the maintenance of its environmental mitigation commitments and had to make an emergency landing inside the company's installations.

Also, the mining company said that the mine had not as yet re-started its operations, but the Environmental Ministry has ordered the company to continue with its environmental mitigation measures and due to this, the transport of fuel for electricity generation was necessary.

"These actions do not only put at risk human lives, but also the environmental commitment that we have agreed upon with the government of Guatemala as we are not able to transport supplies that are needed for the mitigation processes", said Andrés Dávila, director of corporate communication. The mining company said that even though it had shown good faith in continuing its compliance with its environmental commitments, the blockade at km80 of the roadway that runs to San Rafael Las Flores continues, which stops supplies from arriving via the road link.

Great community relations you got there, Ferrari Kev. Really making progress.