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The Friday OT: BT; Dreaming/Giving Up the Ghost/Godspeed/Namistai

BT's album 'Movement in Still Life' isn't perfect from wall to wall, but the UK version is miles better than the US version and inside it are these four tracks running on from each other that are mind-blowers. Your Friday OT of the day:

This runs from 30:05 of the album, the start of Dreaming, and old timers among the audience may remember it as an extremely adapted cover of a Judy Tzuke song. It's great start to a set that just gets better, with the four track sequence ending at 59:40 (yup, nearly half an hour of bliss). Your author's current music of choice on short-haul flights, it's got to the point when I don't want to get off the plane. Again, as with anything BT don't skimp on the speaker quality. Youtube here.