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A real bargain stock

What do you want from a tinycap junior? Would this list fit?
  • A market cap of just $8m
  • A tight share structure
  • Smart management team
  • No debt 
  • $4m in cash at bank
  • Liquid investments in third party companies worth around $7.5m
  • Cash flow that covers its expenditures
  • Plenty of growth upside in its projects

Seriously, this stock exists. Almost totally ignored by the market (except for me, I own a few shares and do not plan on selling anytime soon), its cash and third party shares alone are worth 50% more than its market cap. Not only that, it also earns enough from its operations to cover its burn rate, how many tinycap juniors can tell you they're not about to run out of money and dilute you with placements? Subscribers to The IKN Weekly know the name of this stock and I'll name it here on the blog this Sunday evening coming. Subbers, you have a day and a half.