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Colombia: People against mining in the Páramo de Santander

Lefties, Commie bedwetters, vegan NGO handwringers, Greenie Treehuggers and....Álvaro Uribe. 

Yup, Álvaro Uribe. Here's the report, here's a translation. Sorry, Minesa. 

"The ex-President and now Senator Álvaro Uribe came out against the development of large-scale mining projects in the Santurbán region, in Santander.

"According to Senator Uribe, the controversial project the mining multinational Minesa wants to move forward, tin the municipalities of Califormia and Suratá, close to the limit of the Santurbán páramo, could put the ecosystem at risk.

""I do not agree (with mining development) in the páramos, the country needs mining but not those that create environmental risks", he said during an interview on the Twitter account of the Santander journalist, Leszli, Kálli."