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Daniel Ameduri's pump on Zinc One (Z.v) is failing badly

After double-pumping Zinc One (Z.v) to his flock of sheep this morning (yup folks, not one but two mail blasts trying to get them to buy while Ameduri sells into the volume), Keith Neumeyer's lapdog hasn't got the response he wanted. Hell's teeth Dannyboy, only 2c up after all that blahblah? You're definitely losing your touch! I mean, this blerg's headsup on your nefarious plans last week moved it by 5c! 

Out-done by a pissant blogger. How do you feel, Dannyboy? 

Or maybe it's because people are finally cottoning on to this scumbag's M.O. and track record. After all, how are the other stocks recently pumped by Dannyboy doing?

Auryn (AUG.v):

First Mining Finance (

GoldMining (GOLD.v)
Inca One (IO.v) ...oh my stars, you got $250k for doing this to a stock, Dannyboy?
And not forgetting the Derek & Clive stock, K92 (KNT.v):

There are plenty more besides, check out Silver One (SVE.v) for another classic Ameduri/Neumeyer disaster area. It is in fact very impressive, like Midas in reverse: One touch from Daniel Ameduri's finger and gold turns to shit