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HIVE on Bloomberg

An interesting article on Bloomie today, which doesn't get to the central points of the way Frank Giustra runs his scams but does at least scrape at its surface:
"While Hive has been a hit with investors, the company’s paid promotion wasn’t fully disclosed by the company and promoters. And just days before Hive got started by taking over a listed shell company in June, millions of shares in the shell traded hands without a disclosed price, as required by securities rules. Hive says it was a private transaction involving a predecessor company, and that it meets all disclosure requirements."

For your information Bloomie, the ex-directors of Leeta (now HIVE), Addie and Berusch, sold their tens of millions of shares to Giustra and his cronies (Bri-Bri, Tommy Humphreys, Pokrandt, Ameduri etc etc) for 1.5c and 2c. You are right in stating that Giustra and his cronies didn't disclosure this correctly. However, the reason why the BCSC will not disclose the illegal trade and its attached paperwork is that the heads of the BCSC are corrupted, in cahoots with Giustra and have been paid of in cash.

Anyone trading on a Giustra pump needs to know the "heads I win tails you lose" world into which they are stepping. Anyway, go read the Bloomie piece, it's pretty good as far as it goes and does at least shine a small light on these cockroaches.