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Mailbag on Brian Paes-Braga

This mail from A. Reader today was too good to keep to myself, so I asked and received permission to share on this humble corner of cyberspace:

“Hi Otto, I read your post about LIX while sitting at Pearson Airport and had to chuckle to myself: You know it’s funny when even official Toronto hears about “Bri Bri” looking at ten million dollar estates in Whistler and West Van, and Country Club memberships after his wins on HIVE and LIX. So now the myth will continue, hey, he’s just had his first public divestiture and all the sins of the past (Mountainview Energy, ECIG, Pan American Fertilizer and others) will be forgotten. But who are we pretending? Let’s not kid around here, behind the thin veneer of saccharin charm, false humility and those wet, dull eyes lies a person with a moral compass that lies somewhere between King Joffrey and Lavrentiy Beria.”