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Pedro Pablo Kuczynski will not be President of Peru for much longer

Last night President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski of Peru tried to put on a brave front, addressed the nation via TV to say he would not resign and even offered to waive his right to banking secrecy in order to show he has nothing to hide. 

It doesn't matter, he won't last much longer as President. He's already been shown to have lied about his dealings with Odebrecht and now that solid evidence has appeared (e.g. he stated that his company, Westfield Capital, hadn't received a penny from either Odebrecht or middleman company First Capital, there are now signed receipts to show that is 100% untrue, with six figures sums involved too) his days are numbered. As well as details such as...

  • Last night he failed to get a vote of confidence from his own ministerial cabinet
  • This morning, one of his key ministers handed in his resignation.
  • The Peru Vice President has flown back in a hurry from Canada (needed for succession purposes)

...more importantly the Peru Congress is about to table a vote of No Confidence that would force him out if voted up. The vote isn't an easy one to pass and needs 2/3rds majority, which in practical terms is 87 votes out of the 130 total, but as two of the minor parties have now joined the 'Fuerza Popular' (Fujimorista) party in the call, Congress now expects to have enough votes. Congress has two weeks maximum from the time the motion is tabled to vote, which means PPK might not even make it to the end of 2017.

Assuming he's booted out (most political commentators in Peru now think he's a dead man walking), Veep Martin Vizcarra becomes President and though he could hold the mandate without any need for further ratification, it all points to a dissolving of government and new elections in early 2018.

UPDATE midday: The motion to kick out PPK was tabled in Congress a few minutes ago. Game on.