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Peru politics showtime

Today Thursday it goes down for real, as Peru's Congress first debates on and then votes on what is basically an impeachment against President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski. This week has already been a fascinating one in the country for LatAm political junkies, capped off last night when PPK appeared on Peru TV with his two Vice-Presidents and upped the ante, saying if he was thrown out neither would accept the job of Prez, but today is going to be even better.

There's a whole lot of subject matter here and this short post won't go into it all (it would take a book), so I'm going to keep it to the most basic of basics:
  • The debate on the motion starts this morning and is likely to go on all day. PPK and his Veeps will be there to present their defence (hilarity will ensue).
  • If 87 of the 130 members of Congress vote against PPK, he's thrown out today.
  • According to PPK himself, he doesn't think the opposition has the 87 votes (and sounded pretty confident about it this morning, too).
  • However, even if he survives today he's still a very weakened President and it would only take another small shove (e.g. from a guy named Jorge Barata or new details from the previous Maiman closed confession) to push him over the cliff.
  • And even if he limps on into 2018, this war between the PPK executive and the Fujimorista-controlled Congress has only just begun.

Grab a bucket of popcorn.