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PPK on a tightrope

As things stand today, and according to word on the street in Lima, President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski might not even make it to his interrogation in front of the Lava Jato/Odebrecht corruption committee scheduled for December 22nd. With the evidence mounting up against him of his involvement in cash-for-contracts with Odebrecht during previous governments (particularly during the Alejandro Toledo years around 2005-07) it's now at the point where if he doesn't hand in his resignation, the Keiko Fujimori-led Congress is going to demand it. 

And by the way, this might be a new story for you but it's not for readers of The IKN Weekly, as we've been following it very closely in many recent editions with the first this one, way back in IKN433 dated September 3rd:

EDIT: Peru PPK may be involved in the Alejandro Toledo corruption scandal
There’s a reasonably strong rumour travelling the streets of Lima tonight which has the potential to rock the country’s politics deeply. Josef Maiman, the person who allegedly was the go-between for bribes to then-President Alejandro Toledo paid by Odebrecht, has recently turned State’s Witness (in return for immunity from prosecution and has been providing evidence to the judiciary in Peru. But according to the rumour, not only has he provided detailed evidence of Toledo’s wrongdoings but has also pointed the finger at the current President, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, as recipient of bribes (PPK was Toledo’s Minister of Finance and his Cabinet chief during the Toledo presidency). And adding potential fuel to the fire tonight, it’s rumoured that an emergency cabinet meeting took place. What’s not rumour is that just a few minutes ago the Peru Public Ministry issued a statement saying the Maiman’s testimony will remain a secret and will not be published. This is still rumour and may be nothing, but may be massive. We’ll see.

Since then things have ebbed and flowed, but what we have seen is a noose tightening around PPK's neck. This week might be critical, watch this space.

UPDATE: The Spanish language timeline chart is doing the rounds of social media today. Though you need the both the language and at least some previous knowledge of the unfolding scandal to understand it, it's a very useful way of seeing just how much doo-doo the country's President is in right now:

UPDATE 2: It's now looking ominous for PPK. According to reliable sources (as they say) PPK held an emergency cabinet meeting this afternoon and did not get the support of his own ministers. He won't last long unless he really digs in his heels.