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Reader 'SP' does some Sandstorm (SAND) ( TA

True that I'm still not a big fan of TA, however, the combo of....
  • SP is a smart dude and I've learned to respect his opinions.
  • He's talking up a stock I own (yeah I know, pathetic innit)
  • It's a quiet news day
  • His charts are pretty
  • The Gautama reference enough for me. Namaste and take it away, SP.


I know you don't care much for TA but I think your views on the subject have been evolving over the years. I've attached two charts on SSL.TO that are potentially interesting.

First one shows SSL trying to breakout of an inverse head and shoulders targetting ~C$7.75.  A weekly close above the neckline would make it more compelling.

The squiggly lines make it look like a smiling Buddha.  Calm on the surface but with lots of intrinsic power inside. 😊

Second chart shows that Sandstorm has already broken out wrt spot gold.

Best, SP

And if you want you can click the charts to make them biglier.