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So I get this mail from Daniel Ameduri...

...which said exactly this:

Daniel Ameduri 
To:Otto Rock

14 Dec at 13:03
You know you almost screwed this promo up. 

Thanks for helping us start at a higher price. 

How's the test look bitch, am I missing anything?


Under his purple prose he also sent over the test version of his pump he's about to unleash on the dumbass end of the marKet, and here it is:

 ----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Future Money Trends
To: "<< Test First Name >>"
Sent: Thursday, December 14, 2017 11:58 AM
Subject: [Test] Immediate Stock Recommendation: Zinc One (TSXV: Z)

I added that red highlight, by the way. Yup, seven hundred thousand dollars for two weeks worth of pumpo. Seems legit. So I replied this:

You're missing the bit that reminds people about Z.v going to $1.30 by May 2018 else you have to close down.


He hasn't replied. Cat got your tongue, Dannyboy?

UPDATE: Aha! He replies. Such a cutie:

You're like a trained poodle.

The extent of you being my bitch will be revealed to you one day, but not yet, we're not done doing the Lords work together. 

Your front running abilities, thanks to your dumb pigeoned brained readers is much appreciated. In fact, I've already decided to name my next Rolex after you.

Did you consider that the last time you did this, there was never a promo? But I fed you like a good boy with a zinc teaser, no company mention, just your readers buying and buying and buying.

And now, someone gave you very bad info. 

There is no Zinc One promo coming, no 700k either, the truth is, someone purposely gave you bad info and your hate for me blinded you to whatever that persons motivation was.

NE-Way, Im sitting here smoking a wonderful Davidoff Cigar and it just occurred to me, I still have some AAL shares left. Perhaps you can tip off your dumb Vancouverite readers and we can team up again next week. If you would like, I can even make another fake email like the one you received today and posted immediately, just like a trained dog. Judging by the volume, your brain dead pigeons did exactly as expected. 

Didn't take long by the way, just search your inbox for Jan 2017, all it was, was an 11 month old duplicate email. Of course I did go the extra mile and add a line about permit news and of course, this crazy 700k compensation that you believed to be true. 

One last favor, when you're done sucking FMT dick, please be sure to swallow any spillage.  Don't worry, thanks to your readers I'll be sure to leave a big tip. 

Good luck with your fantasy Zinc One promo. 

Daniel Ameduri

UPDATE 2: And the exchange continued. I waited a while for Dannyboy's final comeback, but so far nothing. If he comes up with something I'll stick it on the end. C'mon Dannyboy! You can do it! Don't be shy now...

Me to him:
Oh, and thanks for the extra post content by the way. Your Masters must live love the way you've become obsessed with the pissant blogger.

Him to me:
I know you'll never tell me, but I am curious to know who screwed you. Seriously, whoever told you there was an FMT promo coming and 700k was paid, was a complete lie. Why that person would try to manipulate you I can only think of one reason. 

Must of been someone you trusted though, because the fact that you highlighted the 700 disclaimer in the fake email, means it wasn't you who made it up, because you truly believed it. 

Someone lied to you and potentially hurt your front running readers. I hope you call them out. 

I would love to know who is using your site to bring volume and using my site to get you to pull the trigger for them. 

No more FMT promo's this year by the way. Off to a Disney cruise with the family. 

Best Regards,


Me to him:
Seriously Dannyboy, is this all you've got left? You used to be good at this, what happened?

Looking forward to May 2018 when you keep your word and close down.


Him to me:
It's pure entertainment. 

Can ya bump up us to the top? 

Also, are we good for AAL next week? I want to make sure my broker is ready for your fake news front running alert.


And me to him:
I do like it when the dumbfucks bite. What happens this end is that I publish what I publish and then, under normal circumstances, nothing comes back. That's because the real sector people who get fun features on IKN don't care, they're aware of the bigger picture and how little it matters what I think, say, do or write. But then every now an again some thin-skinned jerk with deep-seated psychoses and fears of having his all-important money being snatched away from him by an imaginary bugbear gets just a little too worried and sure enough, they'll write in. All bluster and bullshit, all passive-aggressive defence mechanism, or sometimes veiled threats. I get the ones threatening legal action too of course, but you're definitely not one of those idiots.

I honestly didn't know how much I was getting under your skin, Dannyboy. It's going to get fun now. Enjoy Disney.