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The hilarious Brian Paes-Braga

The quote:

“For me, the reason I did this company in the first place (is that) I’m a big believer weaning the world off fossil fuels,” Paes-Braga said. “That was the mission of the company.”

Waddya say owly?

Indeed. So tell us Bri-Bri The Green, what kind of car did you buy with the proceeds of your illegal sales of Lithium-X (LIX-v) done via your pal Duggan in Panama so that you didn't need to declare them as insiders sales? You must remember them Bri-Bri, because when your boss Frank found out he nearly ripped you a new one. Was it a Leaf, perchance?

Ah no, it was a Ferrari. Wean that, you hypocrite.

And when you start pumping Deepgreen next year (now that the old board have resigned and left you with the shell) are you going to play the "Save the Planet By Dredging the Sea Floor" card too?