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The top three most visited IKN posts this week are... reverse order:

Third Place: "Ten rules of survival as a blogger". To add a comment to Rule 1, if the blogger changes their mind on ta subject, they're right to do so as well.

Second Place: "Zinc One (Z.v): The mail from Keith Neumeyer...". Daniel doesn't mind, he knows we live in a post-fact society. All you need to do is keep shouting and your lies become fact, don't they Danny?

First Place: "What Tahoe Resources (TAHO) didn't mention in its Conference Call today". Funny how they forgot to mention these details, innit guv? And while we're here, the post on the TAHO beano in Peru just a couple of weeks ago got some fun feedback, thanks people.


Bradley Lowery

Rest in peace.

The Friday OT: AC/DC; Whole Lotta Rosie

A hundred versions available but we go with 1979 in Paris, Bon Scott on vocals, Angus shredding at a near-punk tempo (and needs to change guitars half way thru). And that riff, classic pure blood rock.

ner na ner na ner ner na...ANGUS!
ner na ner na ner ner na...ANGUS!

Youtube here. Set to eleven.

The Alset (ION.v) scam: It's now eight weeks...

...since they handed over samples for testing and we still don't have a single assay result and remember, the usual turnaround time for this type of test is two to three weeks. There's a reason for this delay: The company is a scam. 

The only mining company in the world led by a non-qualified bullshit artist that spends eight hours a day five days a weeks flapping his lips on a bullboard.

Tahoe Resources (TAHO) ( Nero fiddles while Rome burns

You might have thought the management and board of directors at Tahoe Resources (TAHO) ( would have been more interested in the fate of the company's flagship asset in Guatemala recently, what with the money they've wasted on a failed legal campaign there and the fact that the Escobal mine has been shuttered for a full month now thank to protests (and of course the loss of its operating permit...y'know, details). BUT NO! In fact the whole of the TAHO board have been far more interested in the Peru end of its operations. You can tell by what happened at the end of last month (June 25th to 28th).

That's because TAHO organized a fun filled fiesta of frolics and financial frippery for the whole of its bigwig board. Starting June 25th  chair Ferrari Kev McArthur and CEO Ron Clayton along with board members Chuck Jeannes (yup, him), Drago Kisic, Tanya Jakusconek (of the absolutely and totally unconflicted Scotia), Alan Moon, Paul Sweeney, Jim Voorhees and Ken Williamson and then no fewer than 12 other TAHO management team members enjoyed an all expenses paid beano to the La Arena and Shahuindo mines. And when I say "all expenses" I'm not kidding:
  • Pure First Class/Business Class flights in to Peru
  • Five star luxury hotel in Lima (the Floresta)
  • Tours to Lima tourist attractions, all transport and guides included
  • Meeting with President PPK at Presidential Palace
  • Lunch at the ultra posh Club Nacional (blazer and tie obligatory)
  • Two charter planes from Lima to Huamachuco (there are plenty of scheduled flights up there and it's easy, but noooooo....far too prole)
  • Three helicopters to fly them around when up at La Arena (seriously, WTF? From point to point it's an hour, hour half by road).
  • Night at the top hotel in Cajamarca (the Laguna Seca)
  • The same three copters fly them to and from Shahuindo the next day
  • Those two charter planes then fly them back to Lima
  • Another night in the FiveStar for those staying on (where the champagne flowed, we are reliably informed)

All this for 21 people, frying G&A like there's no tomorrow, while the company's main asset was going down the legal and social toilet. Nice work if you can get it, right Kev?

Beacon today opens coverage on Tinka Resources (TK.v)...

...with warm and fuzzy blurbs like this...

"Tinka Resources is our preferred zinc exploration name and one of the most significant zinc discoveries of the last decade."

...but doesn't put a price target on the stock. No balls, Mike B.

Confirmation that Corvus Gold ( is a piece of crap junior

Coeur Mining (CDE) ( has a long and consistent track record of wasting its money in piece of crap juniors. The NR starts like this:
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - July 7, 2017) - Corvus Gold Inc. ("Corvus" or the "Company") (TSX:KOR)(OTCQX:CORVF) announces it has completed a CAD $4.65M private placement with Coeur Mining at CAD $0.75 per share for a total of 6.2M common shares representing 6.23% of issued and outstanding shares. Proceeds will be used to advance Corvus Gold's new Mother Lode project over the next 6 months.


Just another day in the corrupt Canadian market

This morning Imperial Metals ( announced some seriously crappy news (for its shareholders anyway), with the NR including such gems as...
"...second quarter production results from Red Chris were 15.4 million pounds of copper and 6,159 ounces of gold. These results were weaker than expected and similar to the production levels achieved in the first quarter of the year. Copper recovery continues to be lower than planned and even though higher grades of ore are scheduled to be mined in the second half of the year, the Company is unlikely to meet the lower end of its 2017 targeted copper production level of 85 million pounds of copper."
...and this extra special bit...
"As a result of the lower than expected production in the first half of 2017, the Company will not meet certain of the financial covenants under its Bank Senior Credit Facility."
...along with other things of nasty badness. As you'd expect, dumped heavily on the news today, down 24.6% to finish at $3.09. Thing is, it would seem a favoured few had prior knowledge of the bad news:

The trading action yesterday Wednesday, with down nearly 10% on 5X average volumes on no news whatsoever, would ring alarm bells in any regulatory authority worth its salt. Sadly this action happened in Canada where the people in charge of the show are worth less than a bag of bear scat.

Good news for Bear Creek Mining (BCM.v)... Andrew Swarthout: Up to this week, the frontrunner for the 2018 Governor of Puno regional election in South Peru was Walter Aduviri, the man who led the 2012 "Aymarazo" protest that put an end to Santa Ana project. The thing is, if Aduviri had won the election, Bear Creek's (BCM.v) Corani project would have been deep in the doo-doo. 

That's the background, now the news: Today Aduviri was sentenced to seven years in jail by the Peru courtrooms for his role as leader of the Aymarazo. He's unlikely to do time, as he's now almost certainly hiding out in Bolivia. But it does mean that his political ambitions are over. That's good for BCM.

The Ameduri/Neumeyer Pavlovian dog show

Poke 'em with a stick and they react in exactly the same way, every single time:

It's funny.

Argentina elections: How are they shaping up?

Let's check the best opinion poll of them all:

And the Argentina Peso (ARS) touched 17.50 to the Dollar on the streets of Buenos Aires today, according to the headline report in La Nacion today.

So much for all that "inflation is now under control" malarkey from the Macri government.

What Tahoe Resources (TAHO) didn't mention in its Conference Call today

A couple of details:

1) The Escobal mine has been closed down since June 8th, due to the ongoing roadblock by locals.

2) It's got so bad that just a few days ago, TAHO had to ship in fuel via helicopter. This fuel was destined for the internal mine generators running the water pumps, they stop running and the mine will flood.

3) The appeals action (which goes through two courts) is likely to introduce accusations of bribery, as the way in which the operations licence was granted to TAHO during the proven corrupt Otto Pérez Molina government was highly irregular. It will be interesting to see how many times the name of then-COO and now CEO Ron Clayton gets mentioned in that part of the deposition.


Tahoe Resources (TAHO) ( The only bit that matters...

...about its NR out just a few minutes ago is here below. So filter out the appeals, the cute percentages, the company BS spin, the sophistry-as-usual from this band of jokers. Because  this...

The provisional decision suspends the Escobal mining license of Minera San Rafael while the action is being reviewed by the court. all the story. Don't say the sector's best read blog didn't tell you. Guat The Hell.

Ten rules of survival as a blogger

After coming on for a decade of running this blog, ten basic rules that others doing (or thinking of doing) this crazy thing may want to consider:

1. The blogger is always right. Always.
2. Remember at all times that nobody is forced to read your blog or your content. 
3. There is no substitute for content. High fashion presentation, cool address, posting frequency or all the SEO tricks in the book don't matter a jot if you can't offer up some decent and original content.
4. Do not have a comments section.
5. From life experience I estimate that around 99.9% of people in the world are good, fair and kind. However, 98% of those won't ever contact you. This leaves a ratio of people who will contact you the blogger at around 20 nice people to 1 non-nice.
6. If your blog works out well you'll make a lot of virtual and real-world friends, it's the single best benefit of the activity. However, if you don't make enemies or annoy some people, you're not doing it right.
7. Immediately remove from your life anyone who tries to exert editorial control over your blog, criticizes your opinions without offering constructive alternatives (see rules 1 and 2), uses overt or implied insults against you. Life is too short.
8. When haters turn up in your mailbox/facebook/twitterstream/anywhere else, it's best not to answer them. If you are in the position where you must, state your opinion but don't swear at them. Then let them have the last mail, it makes them feel better and they'll leave you alone afterward.
9. Wordpress is a fine platform, so is Google Blogger/Blogspot. You may think you're getting to be more independent by choosing Wordpress but you're not. I strongly recommend Google Blogger, it's reliable, easy to use, flexible and easy to customize, has a ton of features and is virtually unhackable. 
10. Seriously, the blogger is always right.

Her name is BRIO and...

...she dies a death in months*

And don't say IKN didn't try to warn you.

*well, really she dances on the sand

Zinc One (Z.v): The mail from Keith Neumeyer...

...that the bullshit pump artist Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends claims Keith wrote him on May 17th, 2017:


Subject: It will go a lot higher than you think


I saw your write-up on Zinc One last night. In my opinion, the stock is very cheap and will likely be much, much higher as news comes out over ther coming months regarding the development of its Bongara Zinc asset in Peru.

As you know, I am already a sizable shareholder, and my partners and I just added millions of shares to our portfolio through open market purchases and a $10 million private placement that just closed.

After having my personal geologist make a trip to the project, I wrote one of the largest checks into the company for the financing that helped them raise $10 million.

I think we’ve got a real winner here, and the market doesn’t realize what Zinc One has acquired yet. I spoke to the CEO, who was a former Barrick Gold mine developer, and I believe in his commitment to bring this zinc project into production in a matter of a few short years – just in time for the zinc shortages to reach their heights.

Due to the advancements the recent financing will allow Zinc One to accomplish this year with the project, I believe there couldn’t be a better time to consider investing in Zinc One.

You can share my thoughts with your best investors, but please don’t send to everyone.

Keith Neumeyer
CEO, First Majestic Silver
Chairman, First Mining Finance


How do we know this? Because Ameduri sent out this mail to his Future Money Trends mailing list. And then just a couple of days later, Ameduri pumped Zinc One (Z.v) again in a mailshot that started like this:

Dear Reader,

We are so certain that this extremely undervalued company is a strong buy here, we are staking our entire careers on this single stock pick.
I, Daniel Ameduri, fully expect this company to lead the rally for zinc stocks, to the point that if my recommendation to you here today at CAD$0.65 doesn’t at least double over the next year, I will officially close down my letter.
In fact, I see this stock as a coiled spring, and I believe that I may be proven right over the next 30 days, with 11 months to spare!

And here's how Zinc One has been doing since that 65c "will double from here" call:'s May 2018 shaping up for you, Daniel?

The Cannabis Wheaton (CBW.v) scam: And the big buyer was...

---Matthew MacIsaac, the well-known cocaine aficionado and partner at MMCAP (aka MM Asset Management), who wasn't stupid and took most of the moolah via debt, not equity. Without that deal with the devil this placement would have fallen flatter than a pancake. You can therefore bet many dollars to just one donut that MMCAP of Toronto is the major shorter of CBW.v stock as from this moment...because these guys use the "Heads I Win Tails You Lose" business model on worthless pump vehicles.


If you think gold is bearish... should check out silver:

Must be tough to be a silverbug. All that hatred...


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