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The top three most visited IKN posts this week are... reverse order:

Third Place: "And Mining Journal 2017 Explorer of the Year is...". Well done Graham Carman of Tinka Resources.

Second Place: "Orla Mining (OLA.v) goes the deceitful route on drill NRs". The blog had a busy week hits-wise, with several posts that would normally win the hit count not making the top three. This one sneaked ahead, probably due to the follow-up post yesterday Friday that noted how OLA had been "asked" by IIROC to correct its BS.
First Place: "HIVE, the next pump (a.k.a. how tilted is the playing field)".Won by a mile. This thing is the next big Vancouver pump, it's going to be very noisy and as this post points out, the people in the centre of it are going to make a lot of money. By transferring your money into their pockets. It's capitalism, baby.


Another small victory: Orla Mining (OLA.v) forced to correct its BS news release

This is getting to be quite a habit. First Cardinal ( got its knuckles rapped for being BSsers, now this.

Here's IKN two days ago.

Here's Orla Mining's (OLA.v) "clarification" tonight.

Miners Fixated with Beaver

If I were you I wouldn't worry too much about the generally soft market for mining companies today, there will be a more bullish atmosphere next week as the Beaver Creek conference takes place and generates its usual annual noise. Meanwhile South America will add its own dosage of shiny happy people news via the region's biggest mining gig, the biannual Perumin which also kicks off on Monday.

The Friday OT: BT; Skylarking

A total obsession. I'm lost inside this track at the moment, when I'm listening to something else I'm thinking about it. Layered, complex, crafted, listen to it for the 51st time and you'll pick up something new. It's amazing.

I cannot stress too highly the need for good speakers, don't listen to this on the ones provided in your laptop. Don't buy cheap earphones with crap magnets and then wonder what I'm on about. Youtube here.

IKN is worried about Southwest Canada

It seems you need help around there. This in Jewish Press today:

When did all these mines get laid, my fine Canadian friends? Are they close to Vancouver, or in the forest regions of BC? Or maybe the Jewish Press doesn't have a clue on what it's talking about? You decide.

Hilariously, Bobby Genovese is still trying to promote Liberty Silver to the world

Here's a screenshot of the mailer promo being sent out to certain desks in Canada this week:

You'll notice there is no mention of the main man behind the deal, Liberty Silver is desperately trying to separate its image from the largest shareholder and real deal driver Bobby Genovese. That's because he's been charged by the US SEC in a U$17m stock dumping fraud. And yes the company used was by Bobby G was this one, Liberty Silver. And impressively, the circumstances were very similar back then, too.
  • Bobby G was largest shareholder.
  • He kept quiet and in the background.
  • He dumped $17m worth of stock without any disclosure.
  • Liberty Silver collapsed.

Now you have fun out there.

Peru's government commits suicide

The basic story:

The Fujimorista-controlled Congress wanted to bring a vote of confidence against the PPK government's Minister of Education.

Cabinet Chief Zavala (PPK's right hand man) tried to bluff them out and went to Congress with a "vote no confidence on the whole of the cabinet of ministers, we back our Education Mjnister to the hilt.

The Fujimorista controlled congress called this idiot Zavala's bluff, voted no confidence on the whole of the cabinet and now they ALL have to resign. Which has just happened.

As of tonight, Peru has no ministers and its President is ruled by Keiko Fujimori, the person he beat in last year's Presidential election. Because PPK and his Cabinet Chief Zavala are fools.

Hilarity ensues.

A Flash update...

...has just been sent to subscribers, Thursday evening. A small move.


Tahoe Resources (TAHO) ( Only U$17,000 this time

Yesterday Wednesday September 13th, thieves broke into the Shahuindo mine of Tahoe Resources (TAHO) ( and stole S/57,000 (U$17,600 approx) in cash as well as an undisclosed amount of equipment (drills etc).

Well run company. No security problems. No bad feeling among locals.

The bit that really sticks in the craw about Rye Patch Gold's (RPM.v) news release today...

...isn't the "oh we screwed up the gold production" bit, nor the lame excuses for the screw-up. It's this bit, the quote from Howald:
"Although the time lag in production of gold ounces is our first bump in the road to what has been a remarkably successful ramp-up, we have made modifications in our planning and execution to speed up the process," said William Howald, Rye Patch President and CEO.
Remarkably successful ramp-up? As my fine feathered friend Owly would say...

...because if you check the RPM corporate presentation on Florida Canyon from this time last year when the whole shebang was first unveiled... see that first production was set for the end of 2016 and the mine was supposed to be in commercial production by 1q17. Instead we have a company that's sold off valuable assets to pay for time and diluted its share count even further by raising more capital it said it wouldn't need. And now you're telling the world that 3q17 will suck as well!

Remarkably successful ramp-up my fat ass, Howald. More like your remarkably shiny brass neck.

Cardinal Resources ( ( A small victory

This was IKN on August 23rd.

This is Cardinal Resources today:

Nuff said.


HIVE, the next pump (a.k.a. how tilted is the playing field)

Coming soon to a screen near you is the next Frank Giustra pump. Its name is HIVE, it's in the final stages of a reverse take over process of another Giustra company called Leeta Gold (a total failure) but HIVE is very different, it's going into the Cryptocurrency Mining (capitalized it on purpose because It Is Important) and will be out there doing wonderful crypto things with Bitcoin, Ethereum and hopefully Dogecoin (it would be a hint of true worth).

Look folks, I don't know much about cryptocurrencies (even though I'm one of the few people you know who has actually bought and sold Bitcoins and made real world transactions with the thing), but I do know what a Vancouver rip-off pump looks like and that is why this post exists today. It's not really about cryptocurrencies and in fact, on thinking about it, it's not even about HIVE, it's more about the way in which the people running this white collar crime you know as the TSXV make oodles of money from you.

Okay, blah blah intro over, here's the deal:
  • At this current time, HIVE (the new crypto company) is running a Reverse Take Over (RTO) with Leeta Gold. Once the process is over the new company will be called HIVE and Leeta disappears forever.
  • Right now Leeta is a shell company. It has recently been controlled by various people, but the chief names for our purposes are Karen Addie and Anthony Beruschi.
  • These two people are what are known in the trade as "bag holders". They're front people for the real financial force behind a project and in this case, it's our faithful friend Frank Giustra and his cast of merry men. 
  • On June 2nd 2017 a series of three transactions took place. Karen Addie sold 7.486m shares and 4.5m warrants of Leeta Gold to an unknown buyer. Anthony Beruschi sold 13m shares and 13m warrants of Leeta Gold. And a corporation controlled by Anthony Beruschi sold 9m shares and 9.5m warrants of Leeta Gold. All these transactions went through at a price of between 1c and 3c per share or warrant.
  • If you do the math yourself and you'll see that's a ...a....a very lot of numbers.
  • Right now, Leeta Gold is a 29c stock. According to the people at the centre of this pump, once the company is off the NEX list and the project is presented to the world it's going to be worth dollars.

Therefore ask yourself; who in their right mind would sell something for between 1c and 3c when it's worth right now 29c and is projected to be worth dollars in the near future? Somebody unconflicted? Or somebody inside a scheme to make a few people very rich? Add to this a couple of extra facts:
Firstly, on September 7th 2017 Leeta awarded 3,398,771 shares to somebody as a finder's fee. IKN can exclusively reveal this evening that the person who received those free shares of Leeta, about to become HIVE, is Tommy Humphreys of Tommy is of course a sycophant of Frank Giustra and a close friend of our next named persona, Brian Paes-Braga (aka Bri-Bri, bless his heart).

Secondly we offer up Bri-Bri, he's been waltzing around his new watering hole "The Banter Room" in Vancouver bragging to those he wants to impress how he now owns "millions of shares of Leeta", that "this is the big one", that "his second and third Ferraris are on order" and other such tranches of wonderfulness. So ladies and gentlemen readers of this humble corner of cyberspace, guess where those "millions of shares" have come from? (hint, ask Katie and Anthony).
Once this company moves from the NEX to the TSXV and is open for general trading, this is going to be the plat du jour at and all the other financial media sources controlled by Frank Giustra. The reason is simple, there is a inner circle of scumbags who want to exchange their equities for your money. You do not stand a chance against these people. You will remain poor, will remain mysteriously funded forever, Tommy and Brian and Frank will extract the money from your pocket and place it into theirs. And then they will smile at you and promise you that they are your friends. Forever.

Finally, for those who care about facts (and I don't blame you, I wouldn't trust a blog either) all you need to do to is file a FOIA lawsuit/FOIA request and get the share registry from Computershare regarding the counterparties to the Addie/Beruschi sales. IKN calls on the people that have real teeth, such as Peter Schweizer, to do exactly that and then do their job. It's long past time that these scumbags were closed down and Canadian capital markets cleaned up.

PS: If the CRA really wants to to catch tax thieves, it should do Canadian taxpayers a favour and get a copy of the shareholder list and all of the "private" buy/sell agreements. We wouldn't want our friends stashing paper offshore now, would we...?

Chart of the day is...

...the US Dollar index (USD), hourlies:

Gold down, PMs down, copper under $3/lb again, even hotpot zinc took a hit. Look no futher than this chart for the reason.

Orla Mining (OLA.v) goes the deceitful route on drill NRs

My thanks to RW, RS and PH who all picked up on this within minutes of its release today. Good to know that good guys are watching.

Remember back in late August and this post about Cardinal Resources ( ( and its "ridiculous, deceitful BS news release"? The one that decided to ignore all the empty dirt bits of a drill hole and just report the cool bits with grade, making it sound like a good hole when it was nothing of the sort? Well folks, far from having the Canadian authorities stamping down on this nefarious way of fooling the world, they seem to be encouraging it and allowing it to become a fashion. Take a bow, IIROC/BCSC/CIMM, your mothers should be proud of you.

Orla Mining (OLA.v) has decided to go the same route. Here the headline from OLA's offering this morning, as screamed to you by some idiot in an IR department who thinks he's clever (and it got past the stars where is the control here?):

Orla Intersects a Combined 104.8 Metres Grading 0.38 g/t Au and 1.71% Cu at the Cerro Quema Project, Panama

You see that word "combined" slipped in there? The sneakies decided to go that route because If you look at the actual intercept... see its 41m of overburden, then 49m of stuff, then 28.7m of non-stuff, then more stuff. And in fact if you check out the second 55.8m or so, its real reality is 17m of high grade material (5%+ Cu) surrounded by mediocre 0.5% rocks that, being deep and sulphide, are economically very iffy even at this "conceptual" stage. And all this is aside from the fact that Cerro Quema's main gig is the oxide on top. 

If you expected better things from a company with Chuck Jeannes at its helm, think again. This is junior mining and any BS will do to fool the sheep and mouthbreathers into buying your paper.

UPDATE: Best feedback received (so far) is from reader CM with this:

Scammium One is pleased to announce combined drill results of 175m of 15g Au and 7.5% Cu at the 100% owned Sammasscamcan property in Scamdinavia.*

Well played, sir.


Bad news for Amir Adnani and TwatMining Inc (GOLD.v)

You may know Adnani's vehicle by its official name of GoldMining Inc (GOLD.v), but we here know it as TwatMining. Mainly because its real name suggests the company is looking for gold when in reality it's searching for twats to buy worthless paper. But also because the original post made me laugh even while writing it.

Anyway, bad news for TwatMining and Amir, because today in Colombia the news is that the Titiribi zone, exactly and precisely where one of its main "assets" is located, is going to be the next municipality to run a referendum and vote for the permanent banning of metals mining in its jurisdiction. Sold to you, sucker! (betcha Rick van Alphabet is laughing tonight).

Join The Allan Barry / RocketRed Campaign to close down IKN!

Roll up! Roll up!

Seriously, this is getting better and better and I haven't even chosen a lawyer yet. Today on Allan Barry and Rocket Red (aka Renneberg) came up with a brilliant plan. Here's the screenshot and here are the two links to the main posts to help you see the originals if need be):

Isn't it wonderful how birds of a feather flock together? Anyway ladies and gents, I think this must be your big chance so why not help Messrs Barry and Renneberg with their crusade? Here's the relevant link to the Google complaints department that Renneberg wants you to use so go ahead, click it and write something about the "lies and racist stuff" you see on IKN and remember, if your grammar is better than the crusaders in chief you may get more traction with the nice Google people (see the latest Alset (ION.v) news release for further details of how not to use the English language).

JOIN THE CAMPAIGN TO SHUT THIS BLOG DOWN! YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE! And let's face it, those two reprobates aren't the first seedy characters that IKN has annoyed over the months and years so if you can think of somebody who'd appreciate joining them and helping shut IKN down once and for all don't hesitate, send them the link to this post, let's see if we can get the Allan/Renneberg initiative to go viral.

Yours in hope of an early retirement, Otto.

Sandstorm Gold's (SAND) ( free float

It works like this:
  • As at August 3rd (2q17 MD&A) SAND has 184.514m shares out.
  • As per the latest filing, Van Eck (among other things the GDX and GDXJ people via Market Vectors) owned 16.0m shares, representing 8.7% of shares out.
  • As of last Friday Market Vectors announced it was raising the weighting of SAND in the GXDJ from 1.07% to 1.28%. It's going to depend on the final price they pay, but where we are today means Van Eck are going to buy around 1.85m shares on Friday.

In other words the float is shrinking by a number that can be calculated by arithmetic. Meanwhile, for more thoughts on SAND and its share buyback program there's always last week's post on exactly that subject.

And Mining Journal 2017 Explorer of the Year is...

...Graham Carman of Tinka Resources (TK.v).

Deserved, too.

A quick RocketRed/Renneberg update

Those of you using the links included in yesterday's post will note that the posts have have removed. Apparently RocketRed, or pehaps Mr. Renneberg is more becoming, and his cohorts, who include another character on named Nobshere, think that this and then swapping names over will cure the problem. It won't. See you in court, Mr. Renneberg.

In other news, it's quite amazing what you can find out about somebody in a few short hours. Especially when the person in question has made so many enemies over the years with his nefarious market strategies. However, with a legal suit in the offing it's best to keep those as dry powder. 

Enjoy your day, Mr. Renneberg.

Mining 101

Reader P kindly forwarded a missive from an outfit called Vicarage Capital, not because of any particular stock pick but because of the cartoon at the bottom:

We like.


Dear @RocketRed (Updated)

EDIT: Dear readers, go fuck yourselves you dumbass fucks

Dear @RocketRed,

I have been made aware of a post you published on around three hours ago. This is the link to your post, this is the screenshot:

RocketRed, you are a liar. Now, there are lot of people like you, all mouth and no brains, who think they're brave and wonderful by lying online. However this case is different. In your post, not only are there four clearly demonstrable statements that I can prove without a shadow of a doubt are outright lies, but they include very serious accusations that include criminal activity on my part. What you wrote and published about my person is absolutely false and due to the seriousness I am obliged to clear my name. 

Therefore, you have two choices:

1) You mail to me and/or publish on a full and unreserved apology that states very clearly that you were not telling the truth and now regret your lies and falsehoods. I will give you 24 hours.

2) If not I will begin legal action for defamation of character, specifically to sue you for libel. The action will include a petition of exemplary damages due to the serious nature of your lies. The action will begin by issuing a subpoena to in order to find out your real name and address. From there you will be served. 

As with that other anonymous chatroom pondscum who decided to go way over the top about me and force me into taking legal action to uphold my good name, I am being more than fair by giving you the opportunity to make a full apology. And by the way RocketRed, I know how this system works because over time, several unsavoury characters have tried to sue me for libel. None have succeeded because I told the truth about them. Unlike you, all you managed to get right is my last name you crudball. Prepare to be poor. 

Consider this due warning.

UPDATE: I see you are a brave boy:

Not only are you a liar, but you quite clearly know very little about the law (hint: ignorance of law is not a defence). However, I will stick to my 24 hour offer because unlike you I am a man of honour. But after that and after seeing your mouthful of a reaction I promise you, as long as that apology doesn't show I'm going to take a lot of pleasure in making you poor.

UPDATE 2: Oh wow RocketRed, it would seem you've been spreading your defamation and lies on multiple platforms. You're so cute, and you are going to love the rest of 2017.

UPDATE 3: Renneberg. Too easy. This is going to be even more fun than I imagined.

Louis James of Casey Research: Fraud facilitator or useful idiot? (An East Asia Minerals (EAS.v) scam post)

"If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, we 
have at least to consider the possibility that we have a 
small aquatic bird of the family anatidae on our hands."
Douglas Adams

The IKN post on the revival of the East Asia Minerals (EAS.v) scam under Mike Hawkins brought several pieces of interesting feedback, not least from reader 'C' who reminded your humble scribe how Louis Lobito Little Wolf James of Casey Research lost him a truckload of cash by reco'ing EAS.v just a few days before the story started to unravel (and long after the smarter end of the anal yst world had worked it out and got their clients out). As it happens IKN documented the Casey Research pumpjob at the time and the way it didn't let off as the stock collapsed, au contraire Louis James just doubled and tripled down. 

It all started in May 2011 when Lobito pumped EAS.v to his hapless flock in breathless terms, such as:
"... its flagship Miwah project in Indonesia... could well be on its way to a monster gold discovery in the tens of millions of ounces."
"’s the first 43-101-compliant resource estimate that we expect to really drive the market to have another look at Miwah."

At that time EAS.v was a $5.50 stock, but days later the pump began its dump phase. That didn't put Lobito off though, in July 2017 he told his subbers to buy more, script including...
"We believe the first pass resource will grow rapidly and continue to see the recent sell-off as an opportunity." well as other chunks of wonderful. Not long after scamrunner in chief Mike Hawkins resigned "for health reasons" (!!!). By then it was already cut in half down to $2.30 and dropping like a stone. But Lobito didn't stop, he pumped it again in August 2011 at $1.70 and then as it just continued to drop and drop tried to sweep the whole mess under the carpet, all while keeping it as a official reco and buy in his rag. But IKN watched and noted his position in August, in October, and even in a reminder post about his call on EAS  in this 2012 post.

Looking back on it all from this distance, six years on, it's pretty clear to this humble scribe that there are only two possible explanations for Lobito's pumping of this obvious scam:
a) He was a useful idiot, with a large but stupid audience and oblivious to how the world works, wheeled in to a create liquidity into which the scam runners could sell their stock.

b) He was an active member of the East Asia Minerals (EAS.v) scam, in cahoots with the white collar criminals running the show and making craploads of cash off the backs of the people who paid him for investment advice.
And considering how many other stocks he reco'd at the time had the same type of hellishly poor performance, chances are he was being a) or b) many times over. Either way, hardly the type of person you'd want to trust for your next investment. 

And as for the move in Tahoe Resources (TAHO) ( this morning...

...on the back of its NR about the permit in Guatemala...

...what people who moved the stock up 38% or 40% seem to fail to gather is that the Escobal mine isn't opening any time soon, that the permit is still under legal review, that TAHO has to get community approval before it's out of the woods and, most importantly, the people who they need to get on side are the same people that are blocking the access to the mine. As for the NR itself, that was one veeeery carefully worded piece of legalese. Strange how the market will continue to believe bullshit liars. I mean seriously, what are you betting on here, rule of law in Guatemala?

PS: Dan Earle at TC Sec made the right call this morning: "Potentially Positive". A segment screenshot:

Stocks shouldn't rise like this on potentially positive.

Alamos, Richmont and a $35m break fee

A decent tell on the place we are in the precious metals cycle will be whether there's a third party interloper on the deal. We haven't had one yet in the deals struck 2016 and 2017, we won't get to the end of the gold bull run without a few.

September 11th



The IKN Weekly, out now

IKN434 has just been sent to subscribers. The usual guff and nonsense, alors.

Wishing best things for Florida and the wider area. Hang in there people, do take it easy and don't take any risks.

The East Asia Minerals (EAS.v) scam: Head scam runner Mike Hawkins rises again

I'm a little late to this news, so thanks to reader 'DE' for the nudge on this news release dated August 25th from East Asia Minerals (EAS.v). Here's the relevant extract:

The Company is also pleased to announce the return of Mr. Mike Hawkins, the former CEO of East Asia Minerals Corporation (2006-2011). Mike has been appointed as the Company’s Executive Consultant. As the former CEO responsible for identifying and acquiring both Miwah and Sangihe mining projects, which the Company is currently developing he has been appointed to provide guidance and consulting on the asset development of Miwah and Sangihe as well as assisting on identifying and acquiring new mining opportunities for the Company. “During Mike’s tenure, in 2010, the Company reached the historically highest market valuation of $600 million and acquired several gold and uranium properties,” said Mr. Filbert.

Mr. Filbert further commented that, “Mike was responsible for the acquisition and then sale of a uranium mine asset to Areva NC for $83 million and a dividend of $70 million to East Asia shareholders. We are fortunate to have his guidance and access to his 30 plus years of experience as an exploration geologist and executive for major mining companies throughout the Pacific, Asia and South America.

“Mike has gladly accepted the appointment to return and see through those projects he started before he had to leave due to health reasons. Mike’s rejoining our team should give our shareholders confidence that East Asia Minerals is building a strong qualified team that will lead to new opportunities for success based on the historic value of the Company.”

Health reasons! HEALTH REASONS!!!! My stars, you know the fun times are back in the TSXV show when this scumbag goes back to the scene of his crimes and is welcomed in with open arms by the brand new pieces of excrement running the shop. You may not remember this IKN post from October 2011 after EAS collapsed, but I sure do. There have been several companies over the years that get compared to Bre-X, but EAS.v really does deserve the comparison. Remember the high sulphidation drill results that were all exactly the same, whatever the hole? Remember the whispers of "there's 30m ounces here!" that would never get to a NR but would whistle round the desks? But above all remember this, the $5m+ in shares that Mike Hawkins while CEO cashed out from 20c options awards:

He sold all the way down, right from the height of the utter BS hype he created. Seeing this douche back at EAS is all you need to know. Avoid like the plague, do not believe the hype, these people are liars and thieves.