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The top three most visited IKN posts this week are... reverse order on a quiet week for the blog (normal service resumes Monday):

Third Place: "NR of the day award goes to...". Oh Great Panther Silver ( (GPL), can I count the ways I love thee and thy mediocrity?

Second Place: "Minera IRL (MIRL.cse): Jaime Pinto has been a very naughty boy". This development (plus the update posts here and here) is the start of a whole house of pain for the scumbags who tried to wrest Ollachea away from IRL by all means fair and foul (mostly foul). About time too, Pinto will be the first to suffer but there will be others. Meanwhile, long-suffering IRL shareholders (include me in) will finally get their day in the sun. This whole saga has gone on too long already and there is still mess to clear up, but light is now clearly visible at the end of the tunnel.
First Place: "Smart move by Tinka (TK.v)". Not much more than a short reflection on the recent corporate move by TK and the way the market reacted, but since the post TK has moved even higher, trading in the 70s. The post probably picked up extra eyeballs due to that.


The Friday OT: BT; Skylarking (again)

A repeat showing of this track from just a couple of months ago, but I don't care. Shamelessly evangelized on IKN because if I get one more set of ears to hear it today, it's worthwhile. Utterly beautiful, make sure you listen through quality speakers.

Youtube here.

More reports on the Jaime Pinto bribery story

The story is starting to gain traction in Peru. This one in Puno's 'Los Andes' newspaper gets one fact wrong in that it says Minera IRL has brought the charges against the judge. In fact it's the Peru State prosecutor that's brought the charges. However it does state that Pinto has been paying the judge S/.5000 (U$1,543) per month and this humble corner of cyberspace hears that is the correct figure. It also syas that Pinto is involved with another mining company and has been impeding the start of the project in order to benefit this other company.

Meanwhile, this one in Peru national paper Correo states that the charges come from intercepted text and social media messages between the judge, Juan Cáceres Tito, and Jaime Pinto. It also has local sources asking how the judge managed to accumulate properties and make very frequent visits by plane to Lima on a salary of just S/800 per month. What happens now is that the judge is placed under a 60 day investigation period, after which the State prosecutor decides what to do with him and with his alleged corruptor, Jaime Pinto.


Great Panther Silver ( (GPL) markets in Germany

Reader BL kindly sends in this photo of Great Panther Silver's ( (GPL) stall at the Edelmetalle conference in Munich Germany today:

BL's mail asked, "Making money? Really?". Your humble scribe replied, "Refers to management salaries."

Minera IRL: The Jaime Pinto bribery news...

...that sees a local judge in the Ollachea district charged by the State for receiving bribes from Pinto has so far only made it to a regional newspaper, "Sin Fronteras". But as soon as the Peru national newspapers put two and two together and see that the quasi-State financing bank COFIDE is involved, this will become a chunkily sized corruption story. Here's a photo of the dead tree version of yesterday's (Nov 1) report in 'Sin Fronteras':

(PS: And yes, this does mean that the chances of this whole mess being cleared up quickly and in Minera IRL's favour have just shot higher)



Minera IRL (MIRL.cse): Jaime Pinto has been a very naughty boy

The judge in Ollachea has just been accused by the Peru State of accepting bribes in order to oppose the go-ahead of the Minera IRL Ollachea project in Peru.

The person bribing him? According to the State prosecutor, one Jaime Pinto. Let the unravelling of the liars and thieves begin.

Lithium X (LIX.v) on October 11th....

...told us this regarding its bought deal:

"Closing is expected on or about October 31, 2017..."

But the date has gone and there's no news yet. Problem, Bri-Bri?

Mario Das Neves, QEPD

Via reader and pal 'MY', I've just heard that Mario Das Neves, governor of the Chubut province of Argentina and among many other things a staunch anti-mining figure in the country, died last night. He'd been diagnosed with cancer in 2015 and in August took a medical leave of absence.

May he rest in peace.

Smart move by Tinka (TK.v)

Up 10% since listing on the Lima Stock Exchange (BVL), Tinka Resources (TK.v) must have put a few noses out of joint in Vancouver. By finding a real and new source of capital, TK has wrested price control away from the brokerage turdbrains who have been capping the stock price for the last six months or so.

Smart move, Carman. 


NR of the day award goes to...

...Great Panther Silver ( (GPL), for being able to say...

"The third quarter was a very successful and eventful quarter for Great Panther."

...and then just one paragraph later...

"Great Panther reported a net loss of $0.7 million for the third quarter of 2017"

...with a straight face. I mean, imagine what a merely "good" quarter would look like?  However, it's an excellent moment to recognize and celebrate the fact we live in a free society with freedom of expression and everything concerned. In other words GPR is allowed to spout all the bollocks and twattery it wants in its NRs and the market... free to give its own judgement on this "very successful" quarter as well.


Posting will be light on this blog for a few days

For secret reasons.


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IKN441 has just been sent to subscribers. A reduced edition this week, time is tight for other reasons. Secret ones.