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The five most popular Friday OT posts of 2017

We reach the end of 2017 and though there's still one Friday OT to go (Dec 29th), we're drawing a line under the year's end-week music posts with the traditional Top Five most popular of the year, as voted by your clicks. You can revisit any of the posts by clicking on the title below:

Very happy with your number one choice that went up at the end of March, it's ear heaven so thanks for that (it won by quite a distance). Second place went to a topical song posted on February 20th and darnit....what happened that day? Third place to my favourite female voice in the world and the very first Friday OT of the year, way back early January. Fourth place, a fanfave that was featured just a couple of weeks ago and lastly, Cuba's finest.


The Christmas 2017 Friday OT: Nils Frahm; More

For the second Christmas in a row, we eschew the normal festive songs (we ran Robert Earl Keen and his famous one for years, you may remember) and go for something just as apt but with a higher level of musical beauty. Nils Frahm, More, a thing of wonder.

Youtube here. Wishing all IKN readers a very Merry Christmas.

On Kitco now: "Vote Now For Mining CEO of The Year"

Click here to go to the 2017 Kitco "Mining CEO of the Year" poll and put in your votes for the best of the illustrious band of Godlike creatures and their magical performances in the year just wrapping up. Of course you can vote for whoever you want, but this humble corner of cyberspace suggests the following 12 mining company CEOs as true examples of what leadership in this industry really means.

Names presented in alphabetical order of companies (to keep it fair) and price charts YTD of each company are compared to the Gold & Silver Index (XAU).

Peter Breese, CEO Asanko Gold (AKG):

Shawn Wallace, CEO Auryn Resources (AUG.v):

Peter Tagliamonte, CEO Belo Sun (

Paul Martin, CEO Detour Gold (

George Burns, CEO Eldorado Gold (EGO) (

Amir Adnani, CEO Goldmining Inc (GOLD.v):

Paul Andre Huet, CEO Klondex Mines (

John Lewins, CEO of K92 Mining (KNT.v):

Rob McEwen, Head Shareholder (or whatever he calls it) of McEwen Mining (MUX)

Joseph Conway, CEO of Primero Mining (

Ian Slater, CEO of Red Eagle Mining (

Ron Clayton, CEO of Tahoe Resources (TAHO) (

Don't delay, vote today! Here's that link again.

HIVE on Bloomberg

An interesting article on Bloomie today, which doesn't get to the central points of the way Frank Giustra runs his scams but does at least scrape at its surface:
"While Hive has been a hit with investors, the company’s paid promotion wasn’t fully disclosed by the company and promoters. And just days before Hive got started by taking over a listed shell company in June, millions of shares in the shell traded hands without a disclosed price, as required by securities rules. Hive says it was a private transaction involving a predecessor company, and that it meets all disclosure requirements."

For your information Bloomie, the ex-directors of Leeta (now HIVE), Addie and Berusch, sold their tens of millions of shares to Giustra and his cronies (Bri-Bri, Tommy Humphreys, Pokrandt, Ameduri etc etc) for 1.5c and 2c. You are right in stating that Giustra and his cronies didn't disclosure this correctly. However, the reason why the BCSC will not disclose the illegal trade and its attached paperwork is that the heads of the BCSC are corrupted, in cahoots with Giustra and have been paid of in cash.

Anyone trading on a Giustra pump needs to know the "heads I win tails you lose" world into which they are stepping. Anyway, go read the Bloomie piece, it's pretty good as far as it goes and does at least shine a small light on these cockroaches.

Regarding asset classes

An asset class is an end, it is not the means to an end.

Bricks, timber, copper (wires or tubes) etc are not asset classes. But put those means to an end together in the right way and build a house . An end product, you have yourself an asset class (which in fact implies the pure asset class is land, but let's not dwell on details).

Bonds and treasury papers are asset classes. For sure they're tradable, but the underlying reason for them is to buy, own, then collect the currency they throw off. They're an end product.

Equally, gold is an asset class. You may not like the idea of digging something up from out the ground, making it pure, turning it into blocks and then burying it in the ground again (this time under lock and key) but plenty other people do (including central banks). The reserve status of gold is why it has remained popular since hunter-gathering went out of fashion.

Bitcoin is not an asset class, just look at the chart. When people are eager to exchange dollars for something (while going up) and now desperate to exchange that something for dollars (on the way down), which is the asset and which is the vehicle for a trade?

So you can think what you like about the wonderful new world of crypto, but stop all this nonsense about it being an asset class. And remember the name of anyone trying to sell you on the concept, as they know not of what they speak.


Peru: PPK survives

After a 14 hour debate, just a couple of minutes ago Peru's congress voted 79 for, 19 against and 21 abstentions on the de facto impeachment of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.

As the FORs needed 87 votes (2/3rds majority) for the motion to pass, it means PPK survives and is still President of Peru.

The latest Global Mining Observer is out...

...and as usual, GMO is packed to the rafters with fun stuff. Top pick article for my taste is this one, an interview with Nick Mather of SolGold (SOLG). Check it out by clicking on this link right here.

GMO: Mining for the erudite.

Zinc One (Z.v): Daniel "Davidoff Cigar" Ameduri is having erection problems

Dannyboy has a problem with his BS paid pump on Z.v, it seems to be going down, which probably wasn't his gsmeplan. You just can't get it up, can you Dannyboy?

The countdown to May 13th and the closure of Future Money Trends is on. Enjoy 2018.

The most concerning part of the Novo Resources (NVO.v) NR today...

...for longs at least (I'm strictly neutral and hold no position at all) is this line:

KX078, a 356 kg bulk sample collected from conglomerate 40 cm above the basal contact, was determined to have a calculated head grade of 1.3 gpt Au

That suggests widths are going to be an issue.

Anyway find the NR here. And it's a good job of work this NR too, one cannot fault the company for lack of information (the True Believer GGI fools might want to reflect on that).

Whether or not there's a mine here is a different question for another day, today is all about the justification of NVO's current market cap. I wish you good fortune from the sidelines.

Peru politics showtime

Today Thursday it goes down for real, as Peru's Congress first debates on and then votes on what is basically an impeachment against President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski. This week has already been a fascinating one in the country for LatAm political junkies, capped off last night when PPK appeared on Peru TV with his two Vice-Presidents and upped the ante, saying if he was thrown out neither would accept the job of Prez, but today is going to be even better.

There's a whole lot of subject matter here and this short post won't go into it all (it would take a book), so I'm going to keep it to the most basic of basics:
  • The debate on the motion starts this morning and is likely to go on all day. PPK and his Veeps will be there to present their defence (hilarity will ensue).
  • If 87 of the 130 members of Congress vote against PPK, he's thrown out today.
  • According to PPK himself, he doesn't think the opposition has the 87 votes (and sounded pretty confident about it this morning, too).
  • However, even if he survives today he's still a very weakened President and it would only take another small shove (e.g. from a guy named Jorge Barata or new details from the previous Maiman closed confession) to push him over the cliff.
  • And even if he limps on into 2018, this war between the PPK executive and the Fujimorista-controlled Congress has only just begun.

Grab a bucket of popcorn.


The hilarious Brian Paes-Braga

The quote:

“For me, the reason I did this company in the first place (is that) I’m a big believer weaning the world off fossil fuels,” Paes-Braga said. “That was the mission of the company.”

Waddya say owly?

Indeed. So tell us Bri-Bri The Green, what kind of car did you buy with the proceeds of your illegal sales of Lithium-X (LIX-v) done via your pal Duggan in Panama so that you didn't need to declare them as insiders sales? You must remember them Bri-Bri, because when your boss Frank found out he nearly ripped you a new one. Was it a Leaf, perchance?

Ah no, it was a Ferrari. Wean that, you hypocrite.

And when you start pumping Deepgreen next year (now that the old board have resigned and left you with the shell) are you going to play the "Save the Planet By Dredging the Sea Floor" card too?

Reader 'SP' does some Sandstorm (SAND) ( TA

True that I'm still not a big fan of TA, however, the combo of....
  • SP is a smart dude and I've learned to respect his opinions.
  • He's talking up a stock I own (yeah I know, pathetic innit)
  • It's a quiet news day
  • His charts are pretty
  • The Gautama reference enough for me. Namaste and take it away, SP.


I know you don't care much for TA but I think your views on the subject have been evolving over the years. I've attached two charts on SSL.TO that are potentially interesting.

First one shows SSL trying to breakout of an inverse head and shoulders targetting ~C$7.75.  A weekly close above the neckline would make it more compelling.

The squiggly lines make it look like a smiling Buddha.  Calm on the surface but with lots of intrinsic power inside. 😊

Second chart shows that Sandstorm has already broken out wrt spot gold.

Best, SP

And if you want you can click the charts to make them biglier.

Tax loss selling is over

Last week I watched a bunch of higher volume junior mining stocks that had been under selling pressure suddenly reverse and improve. This week, the classic second wave as the less loved and smaller stocks with lower volume suddenly find no resistance to the upside and float up on low to middling volumes. Normally this happens between Christmas and New Year, it's a week early in 2017.

The Michiquillay auction delayed once again

It was supposed to happen his week, but the tendering process for the Michiquillay copper project in Cajamarca, Peru has just been put back to February 2018. If memory serves, this is s fourth time it's been put back. Media is blaming the Presidential crisis and with the big impeachment debate happening tomorrow that's certinaly a factor, but it's also true that the permitting and community agreements proces was running behind schedule, so the country will take this excuse gladly.

Northern Dynasty ( (NAK) is down since the First Quantum ( deal because...

...Katusa dumped his shares.

Pump's over now, the trade is now as dead as Pebble's chances of ever becoming a mine.

"Maiden Mineral Resource Estimate for Alpala remains on track for delivery this week"

So says SolGold (SOLG) in its NR this morning. When it shows, the magic number barrier is one billion tonnes. With a B.

Nice grab sample photos from one of its other projects, too.


Daniel Ameduri's pump on Zinc One (Z.v) is failing badly

After double-pumping Zinc One (Z.v) to his flock of sheep this morning (yup folks, not one but two mail blasts trying to get them to buy while Ameduri sells into the volume), Keith Neumeyer's lapdog hasn't got the response he wanted. Hell's teeth Dannyboy, only 2c up after all that blahblah? You're definitely losing your touch! I mean, this blerg's headsup on your nefarious plans last week moved it by 5c! 

Out-done by a pissant blogger. How do you feel, Dannyboy? 

Or maybe it's because people are finally cottoning on to this scumbag's M.O. and track record. After all, how are the other stocks recently pumped by Dannyboy doing?

Auryn (AUG.v):

First Mining Finance (

GoldMining (GOLD.v)
Inca One (IO.v) ...oh my stars, you got $250k for doing this to a stock, Dannyboy?
And not forgetting the Derek & Clive stock, K92 (KNT.v):

There are plenty more besides, check out Silver One (SVE.v) for another classic Ameduri/Neumeyer disaster area. It is in fact very impressive, like Midas in reverse: One touch from Daniel Ameduri's finger and gold turns to shit

Mailbag on Brian Paes-Braga

This mail from A. Reader today was too good to keep to myself, so I asked and received permission to share on this humble corner of cyberspace:

“Hi Otto, I read your post about LIX while sitting at Pearson Airport and had to chuckle to myself: You know it’s funny when even official Toronto hears about “Bri Bri” looking at ten million dollar estates in Whistler and West Van, and Country Club memberships after his wins on HIVE and LIX. So now the myth will continue, hey, he’s just had his first public divestiture and all the sins of the past (Mountainview Energy, ECIG, Pan American Fertilizer and others) will be forgotten. But who are we pretending? Let’s not kid around here, behind the thin veneer of saccharin charm, false humility and those wet, dull eyes lies a person with a moral compass that lies somewhere between King Joffrey and Lavrentiy Beria.”

Red Eagle ( runs another private placement

What a surprise. Not.

Daniel Ameduri got bored with Disney

His bosses say jump, he be shoutin' "How High Boss?". His pump on Zinc One (Z.v) today is just another example of his desperation to get the stock to $1.30 and save his company.


LIX sells

Nice job Bri-Bri, now nobody will ever find out about your illegal trades. Right?

First Quantum and Northern Dynasty

So, FM pays $37.5m upfront and then another $112.5m over four years to get 50% of Pebble. And NAK gets to keep this Zombie alive until 2024 minimum and pretend there's gong to be a mine at the end of it all. A deal that only Canada could concoct.


The IKN Weekly, out now

IKN448 has just been sent to subscribers. Joyeux Noel

The Chilean Presidential election run-off: And the winner is...

...The Christopher Waltz lookalike:

Sebastian Piñera, the once and future President of Chile.

Peru: PPK may survive the vote on Thursday UPDATED

It's not over yet, folks. Rumours are swirling on the streets of Lima and one of them may mean PPK survives the no-confidence vote on Thursday. At this point it's still probable that PPK loses hs job, but the scenario has certainly changed since the feeling of fait accompli on Friday. The reason: For those who know the scene, the whisper is that Cesar Acuña will direct his nine APP members of congress to abstain from voting. In theory at least, that means the "PPK Out" vote gets to 85 when they need 87 to secure their victory.

Details in IKN448, subbers.

UPDATE: Due to PPK going on live TV tonight for an interview with one of the top political journalists in Peru, the IKN Weekly edition will go out late tonight.

Michael Ballanger continues to weasel out of his day of justice

According to the latest, he's managed to get his hearing booted back to June 4th 2018 (the third postponement already). 

With disciplinary hearings so easy to avoid, no wonder the Canadian capital markets are so full of scumbags like Ballanger.