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4q17 production results digested

How's the market reacting to the swathe of 4q17 production numbers released pre-bell today? A few five day charts of a few examples and to be fair to all*, in ticker alphabetical order:

Alamos sucked. That shouldn't have been a surprise, though

Yamana came in well. The low barrier syndrome.

B2Gold popped and retraced quickly on what I thought were good-not-great numbers (the production beat no surprise), which is fair enough.

The market shrugged its shoulders at Kirkland Lake. Me too.

Nevsun wasn't impressive.

Pan American Silver was impressive and probably deserves more than this pop/drop.

As noted in the pre-open post below, Wesdome put in a good quarter and is getting the love it deserves this morning. Best reaction of them all.

*Which is extremely unusual for me. It must be the bourbon on my cornflakes this morning.