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Adventures in Youtube with Daniel 'Davidoff Cigar' Ameduri

Reader, occasional mailpal and jolly good egg "PJ" writes into IKN Nerve Centre:
Top scamster Daniel Ameduri had Andy Hoffman on a utoob interview yesterday that has racked up more than twice as may down votes as thumbs up. I had a chance to post (and read) the comments section before 'ol cigar Danny disabled the comments section. The comments were 100% negative calling DA all kinds of not so nice names.
Hilarious, but sad that people actually listen to that POS.
- P

And after about 18 seconds of search, we find the event:

Here's the link to go check it out yourself if you want. And indeed, we also see that...

 Comments are disabled for this video.

...which fits PJ's mail, so us Slow-Joe Luddites who don't use Youtube for hot crypto tips will never get to see the funstuff comments. Next time a few screenshots, guys?

Andy Hoffman has a nice smile, though. And a nice smile makes him trustworthy, right? Right?