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An IKN Freebie: The weekend's coverage of Wesdome Gold ( in The IKN Weekly

As usual in The IKN Weekly published on Sunday evening (issue 452, dated January 14th) we did plenty of things, with one of them a good look at the 4q17 production numbers (as well as preliminary 2018 guidance) as announced by Wesdome Gold Mines ( on January 11th. By way of an example of what goes on in The IKN Weekly I've decided to offer the article up as a freebie for anyone interested so if you'd like a copy please send a mail to the usual address...

otto.rock1 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

...with "WDO Report Yes" (or even 'yes please' if you feel so inclined) in the title line and I'll send you over a copy on Wednesday. And rest assured that I won't use your mail address for any other purpose, neither will you be peppered with marketing bumph from me from now until the cows come home because this is IKN, not freakin' Stansberry Research.