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Angry Geologist does Almadex (AMZ.v)

TAG outdoes herself with the intro to today's post on Almadex (AMZ.v):

The hardest thing in exploration is finding mineralization, once you've found it, that is the hard part done and all you have to do is keep drilling to find how big it is, by drilling a little further away from the "discovery hole" with each drill-hole.
However, there is the another approach. Once you've found the mineralization, just keep drilling the same area time and time again. I'm going to call this the "Poliquin" method after the stunning drilling program at El Cobre.

It filled my mind and mouth with yoks, guffaws and lolz. Go read the whole thing, even without the stunningly poor regional and community risk around this project you'll realize why you should have done like this humble corner of cyberspace and avoided AMZ.v.