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Garibaldi (GGI.v) finally releases the missing holes

Right here. And sure enough, bad news travels slowly. The drill map is the thing, where we see the pay dirt info and the two main points are:
  • Hole 10 gives the headline intersect, but it isn't much more than a twin from #9 that we already knew. The retail rah-rah will jump on the numbers because for sure the grade is good, but there's no size.
  • Importantly hole 13 is a duster, which constrains size (as expected, they wouldn't have been so tardy otherwise).
It's about time a fork got stuck into this breathless hype: This is not a "Nickel Moutain". It's a big mountain with small pockets of mineralization and the thing is, we knew that many years ago, the fact that GGI managed to drill through one more of these small areas does not make a mine. It makes a Canadian Venture Exchange pump if you publish a bunch of photos and hype up the rabble first by suggesting there are no end of metres of the stuff (and there aren't as we found out today), but that's all you have. Anyway, the rest of the NR is about the open nature and the whole pump is still resting on the "We think we can find the feeder" pablum of before. If this is worth C$280m market cap, I have film star good looks.