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Graham Farquharson on Pretium (PVG) and Brucejack, November 2013

Here's what he said to Northern Miner on the subject:
"We’re not saying there's no gold there – this is not Bre-X or anything like that. There is gold there but the project needs a much different geological model now, based on the work that's been done and the bulk sample program being different than what they anticipated before they went underground.
And they've been very slow to accept that, because it does make a big change from what they've been telling the markets. But we're absolutely convinced that if this is what the results indicate, then you should tell the world."

Farquharson told some plain truths about VOK, ones that didn't fit with the grand plans of Pretium (PVG). As a result, he was fired and "The Snowden Model" adopted which...brought us to the snafu of last week. It's about time you mainstream media people and you sell side anal yst people found GF on your Rolodex and gave him a few minutes of redemption time.