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"How are the top stock picks from VRIC 2017 doing?"

My thanks to JF for the heads-up.

With the VRIC mining/junior mining conference on in Vancouver next week, a blog called Penny Mining Stocks* cared enough about the gig to compile a results page of how the Top Pick stocks did, chosen by a select group of upstanding individuals who would never ever ever have an alternative agenda to the one displayed to their subscribers. You know them as "newsletter writers".

The title of the post is "How are the top stock picks from VRIC 2017 doing?" and it makes for interesting reading. Here's a screenshot of the end bit:

Nice moral, too. By the way, it's perfectly possible that Louis Little Wolf Lobito James feels proud about that performance, he really is that stupid. Go read it the whole post yourself, right here.

*FWIW I have no idea who runs the blog or who publishes there.