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IKN admires Torex Gold's (TXG) Fred Stanford for his well-developed sense of humour

On February 7th, you too can pay your money and attend the Mexico Mining Forum, on at the Sheraton in Mexico City. And your humble scribe is sorely tempted too, if only to sit in the front row and take notes on this panel at 2:45pm (IKN adds the red ink):

Building Stronger Relationships through CSR
  1. Moderator: Gabino Fraga , Managing Partner of Grupo GAP
  2. Panelist: Alain Charest, Vicepresident of Exploration at Evrim Resources
  3. Panelist: Fred Stanford, CEO and President of Torex Gold
  4. Panelist: Ricardo López, Head of the Mining Fund at SEDATU
  5. Panelist: Carlos Silva, Director General of Carrizal Mining
Maintaining a close relationship with surrounding communities is one of the biggest obstacles mining companies face. Otherwise, projects can risk blockades or delays that can cost thousands of dollars a day and the public image of a company. To minimize these types of risks, operators can rely on international benchmarks and best practices.

Yes indeed, Fred Stanford of Torex Gold (TXG) is going to tell us all about good community relationships and how to maintain a calm and cordial local atmosphere in Mexico. You cannot make this shit up. Not only that, but I'm sure a few sharp eyes will also pick up the presence of Carrizal Mining on that list, an infamously poor corporate citizen in Mexico with a track record of local pollution incidents (along with unpaid fines) as long as your arm.

UPDATE: Bizarre how these things happen sometimes. Not even six hours after this post went up, this news about another murder of a TXG worker.