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More Michael Ballanger lolz

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And here's an excerpt for your dee leck tay shun:
The purpose of the requisitioned meeting is to remove from office all of the current directors of GEM and to replace them with three highly qualified nominees: Mr. John W. Barr, Mr. Michael Ballanger and Mr. Campbell Smyth (the "Nominees"). The concerned shareholder believes that the current board of directors and management of GEM have consistently failed to act in the best interests of the company and its shareholders. Now is the time for the company to have the management that is aligned with shareholders to ensure the preservation of value for its shareholders.

Can you imagine how bad the current management is if a guy like the self-serving sociopathic idiot savant Ballanger is "more aligned with shareholders"? Sheesh, you'd have to be really but REALLY dumb to own shares in GI.v, in fact...ah, Ballanger owns a million. Worth two cents each. Bless him.

Gracias reader J for the heads-up