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My secret weapon

When you're a value investor and a company analyst in the mining sector, you need to remain focused on the subject at hand but at the same time, there's no way you can ignore the big macro picture and trends in the things that move all mining stocks back and forth (e.g. you can be exactly right on your interpretation of any gold miner, but if the metal drops $100/oz out of the blue you are going to be plain dead wrong with your target price call). The problem is that there macro is a big subject, spend too much time on it and you're left with none to do your own thing.

The solution is to have a secret weapon, someone who is smart, trustworthy, approaches the market with your level of skepticism, has been around the block a few times BUT instead of doing what you're doing, covers the macro in a weekly missive that you can digest at your leisure then feel up to date about what's going on in the wider world of money. That's what I've enjoyed by being a reader of Notes From The Rabbit Hole every week for the past nine years. The best value letter out there, get your back covered too.

For the record, this post is unsolicited. I receive nothing from anyone for reco'ing Gary Tanashian's most excellent service. Gary and I have swapped our weekly letters on a quid-pro-quo basis for many years, he pays me nothing and I pay him nothing. The benefit I get from this post is the reflected kudos of (hopefully) getting more people to subscribe to his letter and remembering me for the reco.