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Still no word from Tahoe Resources (TAHO) ( on the toxic spill at Shahuindo

It's been over 24 hours since the incident, it's been reported to the local press, due to the severity Peru's OEFA is involved and even they've made an initial statement. But nothing from TAHO, because that's the kind of company they are.

Meanwhile, this Facebook page from a Cajabamba local includes a video which purports to show the contamination left by the spill. She speaks over the video and says that the scene is the mud that came down from the mine, along with other commentary. She also says that the spill happened on Monday evening which, if true, makes TAHO's position on this event simply disgusting.

UPDATE: At last, TAHO comes out with its VERY carefully worded NR. No mention that they've been sitting on this news all week. They "forget" that an OEFA investigation is not just any old routine inspection and pretend that it wasn't a biggie, when in fact it should be material news. The locals have a temr for the "exceptionally heavy rains" that affect that part of the world every year, they call it "The Rainy Season" and it happens every freakin year, so why did the TAHO infrastructure collapse? Then the best bit of legalese, when they straw man "At no time has the rainwater had any contact with process water or any contamination from industrial activities", when nobody accused them of it in the first place, this is about the collection pond after all that industrial stuff.

And the big protest and roadblock set for Janaury 30th onward at Shahuindo is still on, by the way.