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Tahoe Resources (TAHO) ( The Regional Health Authority at Shahuindo tells people to evacuate the area

A most interesting video right here from Peru's official government regional health directorate (Dirección Regional de Salud, normally known as DIRESA) regarding last week's spill at the Tahoe Resources (TAHO) ( Shahuindo mine in Cajamarca, Peru. Despite TAHO's best efforts to whitewash the story, the health authority is now telling locals around the mine and particularly those just below it to evacuate the area due to the health risk of chemicals in the mud from the mine. Also, in the video the regional director DIRESA tells locals that the mud is "probably contaminated" and that there's a strong smell coming from the mud that leads them to presume there are chemical substances in it. Meanwhile, if your Spanish leaves a little to be desired there's also a lot of footage of the flooded zone, crop fields covered in the run-off mud and affected local populations, etc.

It's also interesting to note that TAHO refused entry to the mine to local authorities and also the the National Water Agency (ANA) last week when they tried to get samples from the overflow.