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The Novo Resources (NVO.v) circlejerk: An expensive club

On November 2nd 2017  it would have cost you a mere $25 to get the analysis report written by stock touter "Hedgeless Horseman". It must have been a great read because he (I presume, as somebody that arrogant is rarely a she) was "researching Novo Resources 24/7", doing DD and compiling photos. And things. How you NVO longs must have rejoiced, urging new people into the stock or encouraged to add and/or hold onto your winning shares by his deep and meaningful insight. 

Meanwhile, others took advantage and sold into your circlejerk club's belief. NVO was $7.35 at the close of November 2nd and it's now a $3.39 stock, which is a 53.9% loss from pillar to post.

This humble corner of cyberspace has been informed that Hedgeless Horseman is not a qualified geologist, which bring us to a oft-repeated point about such trades and investments that depend on serious technical ability. NVO is one such trade and while reiterating the IKN house position of complete neutrality on this company and its stock price on November 5th 2017 (which was then published on this blog Nov 10th), wrote this:
"For geology, either 1) be a geologist or 2) understand clearly what a geologist is saying to you when she or he opens their mouth before writing things down and publishing them".
Your humble scribe has never been and will never be under any illusions about his lack of ability about rocks. Not so Hedgeless Horseman, who managed to convince himself of superior knowledge, market it as "what the geologists don't know/understand/get", then proceeded to hoodwink the perennial bunch of naive fools who hang around, marvelling at the company they think they're keeping. Plain fact: He has cost both himself and other people a lot of money by not realizing how little he knows on the subject (i.e. enough to be dangerous). That he cost himself a crap-ton of cash due to his hubris is not of the slightest concern, but I know how bad I feel when one of my trades that others follow me into goes wrong and from reliable accounts (i.e. the person who gave me the heads-up about this situation a couple of days ago, somebody rather annoyed about the way in which the whole sordid affair has evolved), there has been zero zip nada contrition from this Hedgeless Horseman character over his top-ticking report, price $25. But hey Bob Moriarty liked his analysis so you NVO True Believers probably feel a lot better just by knowing that. Ah but wait, Moriarty is another non-geol who likes to fake it, too. Birds of a feather, eh...

Bottom line: NVO was a trade. It stopped being a trade when the story changed and as it turned out, that was right here.