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The top three most visited IKN posts this week are... reverse order:

Third Place: "More Michael Ballanger lolz". After which, your author once again received pleasant correspondence from Michael Ballanger in which he repeated his totally false claim that I am some type of pederast (to quote the worm's words to me, "Go f__k yourself, child molester" and I only blank out those letters because Google Blogger doesn't like strong swear words any longer). Not the first time he's spouted this nonsense, either.

Shareholders of Gem International may want to note that this person is being nominated as a "highly qualified nominee" by its proxy slate. If you want somebody who makes up fantasy lies about people using extremely serious and totally false criminal accusations, Ballanger is exactly the type of executive you need to run your company.

Second Place: "Peru declares state of emergency in the South region "copper corridor". IKN reports something in English before the rest. IKN gets more hits on the post. Normal.
First Place: "B2Gold (BTG) ( and Cormark: Four things". Cormark called BTO the "Cream of the Crop" in its note on Wednesday morning, moved it up to a house Top Pick and this humble corner of cyberspace made a handful of comments on their comments. Notably, since then BTO is up 8.1% so their trade has started well enough. This post got a LOT of hits by the way, clearly a lot of interest in this company at the moment.

PS: Just going to stick this here. No real reason.