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The top three most visited IKN posts this week are... reverse order:

Third Place: "IKN admires Torex Gold's (TXG) Fred Stanford for his well-developed sense of humour". We note the mine has this weekend been taken over by hoardes of police and military, too. Torex teaching us about CSR is like Pol Pot leading a course on population control.

Second Place: "Garibaldi (GGI.v) finally releases the missing holes". I have to admit, there's something I admire about the well conceived and planned Canadian scam. The crass and obvious ones just make me howl (often mirth, sometimes in disgust, the occasional glee) and are easily thrown aside, but the ones run by people who have worked out a playbook and have several chapters of story ready, all in order to keep the story running as long as possible and fleece the gullible, well they're certainly something to behold and often involve more brainwork than the decent people in the business doing upstanding and honest work. I'm now pretty sure GGI has enough to keep its dance going for at least 2018, a fine effort guys.
First Place: "Pretium (PVG) 4q17: Hello Strathcona". It was a closely run race this week, but PVG just beat out the GGI post. I've seen the PVG news dismissed as "just a miss" in some quarters, the type of commentator who knows enough to be dangerous. Zijin bailed for a very good reason and it's long past time that the media returned to the subject of Graham Farquharson and ask him more about the recent developments at VOK. He was pilloried due to his correct interpretation of the deposit and deserves apologies from several people, starting with Quarterbrain.