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Tough to find value in the market today

Instead of posting blather and nonsense on the blog, I've spent a decent slug of this week away from the screen and purposely doing other things. However, when at the desk I've also been doing a bit of a New Year's inventory on my own brain, checking out many mining stocks I don't own, trying to find a bargain and shake up my own entrenched thoughts about them. The results aren't wonderful:
  • There are mining stories that are priced to perfection. Sorry not interested in stock picking to to rise and fall with the tide, if I want that I'll buy GDX and go fishing.
  • There are a whole bunch of hyped-up dogs. This is of course that special time of year when your friendly neighbourhood agenda-laden market shark will give you that special piece of free advice on stock XYZ (and jeesh Casey Research laid it on strong yesterday, sucking deeply at the throbbing member of the Vancouver show by getting its flock into overpriced names run by their special friends).
  • There are another bunch of Value Traps, which look decent enough for their price on paper, but trade like molasses and offer no exit strategy (or width if you want in/out at the day's price). And hell's teeth, I own too many of them already.

But by dredging and trawling the sea floor of the Canadian markets this week I have come across one stock that interests me enough to make a decent feature of it this weekend in the weekly. Run well, tight share structure and most importantly, doing the right things in the right places at the right time. And though even now, midday-ish Friday, I'm still not sure whetherI'm a buyer next week, i have owned some shares in it before so have some idea what I'm letting myself in for if the trigger gets pulled. The numbers are done, what's left is to write up the note and that will keep me out of mischief and sunlight this weekend.