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Warren Irwin talking sense

You know IKN by now; Cynical, snarky, mean to people, horrid and smelly and it's just not fair, all that jazz. And yeah I do go out of my way to keep the fanboy thing down to a strict minimum (unless it's the Legendary Legend Brent Legend Cook of course) because the last thing the mining industry needs is yet another place where the out-sized egos of the mediocrity in charge of this pathetically run sector get stoked and massaged like waygu beef before becoming tartare in a Michelin 3star.

But there are exceptions to the rule and here's one today. I got sent this link to an interview with Warren Irwin, head honcho of Rousseau Asset Management and published a couple of days ago as the sender thought it was blogworthy and as it turns out, it really is.

It's not about his incessant promoting of NXE either (he loves it, but however good the deposit might be U is the past, not the future), this interview is worth your time for the points he makes about the market, the traps awaiting the greenhorns, the sharks around every corner. All true, all in line with IKN's main message over the years, all done in a far more diplomatic and intelligent tone than this humble corner of cyberspace will ever bother to achieve. So watch this Q&A, it's a good one.