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Allan Barry Laboucan news: Alset Minerals (ION.v) will not raise $1.2m

IKN has it on excellent authority that the current proposed private placement at Alset Minerals (ION.v), supposed to raise $1.2m, is about to collapse. The reason is that the investor group looking to enter took one look at the way the clownshow host Allan Barry Laboucan is pretending to run the company and made it a stipulation of the deal that he step aside. However, as is the way with scumbag parasites such as Barry he refuses to resign. He's pointed out to the investor group that he has a prohibitive golden parachute clause and is now trying to curry favour with the current brass at ION.v by promising to issue a stack of cheap options to board members as soon as the rollback is complete (thereby immediately diluting any poor sucker stupid enough to buy into a company run by this idiot).

Also, please note how the liar and thief Allan Barry Laboucan rips off his current shareholders by selling a whole bunch of his own position in ION.v, then using the cash to fund his portion of the recently closed private placement. Unethical in the extreme, not only does he dilute out company shareholders but the fund raised will go straight back into his own entrenched pocket via his excessive monthly paycheques. He used exactly the same trick at his other gig too, Advance Gold (AAX.v). 

Anyone stupid enough to invest cash behind a guy like this deserves to lose their money, if only for the lesson. Meanwhile, Barry will hang around like the smell of dogcrap on the sole of your shoe, he's on to a cushy little number and gets to play golf, flap gums on 24/7 and drink tequila on the company coin.