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Chinese gold mining companies' never-ending search for unprotected, unlubricated anal intercourse

Follow the bouncing ball:
First we had Zijin buying into Pretium (PVG) in 2014 (after a long DD period too), the Chinese choosing PVG as their preferred way into the big N.Am gold sector. Three years later they sell out, writing on the wall*, mine plan up the spout and a DFS that needed far more input from Strathcona, far less from Snowden.

Next it's 2016 when Shandong buys into Barrick's (ABX) Argentina/Chile ops, paying half a billion for 50% of Veladero plus rights to JV in Pascua Lama (and other early stage high Andean projects). The ink was hardly dry on the deal before Argentina suspended Veladero's permits and the Chinese had to stump up half of the near half billion needed to re-tool the mine and get it open again. Cut to a couple of weeks ago, Chile passes a definitive closure order on its side of Pascua Lama (about 2/3rds of the whole caboodle). Welcome to South America, gents.

And now it's Zijin's turn again as it files its new, 8% position in Asanko, a company that's been BSsing the market for the short years of its existence and is now and coughing up blood so badly the head office has ambulance services on speed dial (don't believe me? Just wait for the Q1 car crash, skip the news release, go straight to the balance sheet).
What is it with these Chinese dudes? Seriously, I think the world is being sold a pup about the collective ancient culture wisdom and sagacity because the way they wade in and buy any old crap at any old price makes them look like a bunch of dumbass pikers to me, getting ripped to shreds by Canadian sharks with nice smiles and deep expense accounts.

*Though to their credit they sold at least half at a profit before the rest of us knew how bad things were at Brucejack. They may not be able to pick an investment, but at least they can trade).