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Daniel "Davidoff Cigar" Ameduri does it again: Laying waste to shareholder equity in mere days

Desperate Daniel Ameduri, the Davidoff Cigar of the BS promotion world, once again exerts his reverse Midas Touch magic on the world and manages to turn gold into turd. As he impatiently waits for Zinc One (Z.v) to release results in order that the major pump begin (at which point he will sell his underwater paper to the saps that he encourages into purchasing) he attention has turned to another base metals play in mid-January, Callinex Mines. Pumped to his flock of unwitting fools on January 18th via his soon-to-close Future Money Trends as well as auxiliary vehicle (in same company group) "Wealth Research Group", he exhorted them into CNX at 34c and 36c. The stock popped to as high as 44c (guess who was selling to the saps?) before reality set in. The result?

Yup, buyers of this supposed sure thing got the same hosing they always get from a Daniel Ameduri pump and dump. It's already 10% down from the reco price, 30% down from the peak and knowing how the normal Ameduri pump job performs after he's done his raping and pillaging, we're set for much lower in the future. And let us be clear (from the disclaimer of the CNX pump linked above)...

"Future Money Trends LLC along with our affiliates have been compensated a total of three hundred thousand dollars to manage a two thousand eighteen digital marketing program"

...he's not doing it just for the inside selling opportunity, he's getting $300k from CNX to run this guff and nonsense on you.