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IKN Recommends: Oreninc

Oreninc is a website that's been around for a while and I've used it from time to time for specific information, but now that it's been through a refurbishment and has a new look with stronger content it's looking much better and worthy of a reco as a fine place for good source material. Pros and cons:

  • Weird name that I don't like and never will
  • Some of the website sponsor companies are sketchy at best (but hey, business is business)
  • The main man at Oreninc, Kai Hoffman, now has a full beard and is way uglier than in his profile photo.

  • A stack of free content for all levels of sector expertise. It used to be good, it's now much better
  • An extremely useful (and I'm not overstating that) junior mining financings and placements tracking service, which shows what companies are offering what deals (as well as recently closed placements)
  • Good videos, interviews with leading sector figures, etc
  • A free subscription service that I like a lot, sending me things directly into my mailbox (and very little in the way of marketing stuff for their paid services. Just stick in your mail address, job done).

The Oreninc website is a shop window for their paid subs services, which include preferred access to placements for group members, placement vetting services and other stuff that I personally don't care about because 1) I'm cheap and 2) I don't do PPs. That's fair enough and if their other branches interest you then go ahead, but what the new Oreninc page offers is still excellent for the freebies (and I do reco that free mailer they offer, to underscore the point). So go over and check it out yourself, right here. And forgive the weird name (I've tried, it's never grown on me).