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Introducing IKN's new service for junior mining companies

This humble corner of cyberspace has noticed over the years that there are many junior mining companies with lacklustre assets, mediocre management teams or weak financial positions. However, these juniors also have people backing them who want to see their stock higher, so they will often use third party means to promote their stock and see it gain popularity. After many years of tracking and monitoring the techniques used by juniors to promote their stocks, IKN now has deep experience of the art of the junior stock promotion as well as intrinsic knowledge of the smartest, most efficient strategies to use in any given situation. It's only now that we are willing to unleash this knowledge on the world via a revolutionary new service that promises to change the face of stock promotion.

While there are many places to turn for junior mining executives looking to get promotion for their stock, IKN has identified the clear gap in the market. Typical stock pumps rely on one or two methods, so instead of using piecemeal promotions that apply a limited number of techniques in order to move your stock, often at great financial expense, the new IKN service combines the best of them into a tried and tested, full range cocktail of promotion that is guaranteed to shift your shares and fill your bank account, magically changing your near-worthless options and deeply underwater paper into cold, hard cash no matter how poor your company fundamentals might be.

Introducing the Seriously Hyping Your Troubled Equity plan (S.H.Y.T.E.).

For a modest fee*, you too can employ our guaranteed S.H.Y.T.E. method to get people buying your stock in droves! Serious hyping means just that, we won't stop until your share price reaches a previously agreed target price. That means we'll be getting your S.H.Y.T.E. together for weeks, maybe months on end. And remember, it doesn't matter how bad your company is because S.H.Y.T.E happens for everyone.
  • We will create S.H.Y.T.E. to get people to buy your stock.
  • We will talk S.H.Y.T.E. to the market 24/7 about the benefits of your company.
  • We get thousands of people into the S.H.Y.T.E., from which they rarely escape.  

For more details on the revolutionary new SHYTE program, available exclusively from IKN, as well as pricing details, please check out our dedicated page on the SHYTE service.

*compared to the money you'll make by shifting your own paper