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Kintavar (KTR.v)

Seriously, why do I bother? This gets pumped in one of those blather and nonsense NRs in mid-January that gets the mouthbreathers all worked up, including...

In total, 10 of the 12 drill holes intercepted the favorable lithologies with copper mineralization in the form of bornite and chalcopyrite. Out of these holes, 7 holes intercepted several tens of meters of copper mineralization.
“We are very pleased with this first drilling program on the Mitchi project. We drilled more meters than expected because several of the holes showed mineralization deeper than first thought. We now believe this could be both a near surface open pit type target and also an underground target beneath.” commented Kiril Mugerman, President and CEO of Kintavar Exploration.

"KINTAVAR DRILLS 206.3 METERS OF COPPER MINERALIZATION (0.18% Cu & 1.65 g/t Ag) WITH TWO MAIN ZONES OF 21.9m OF 0.52% Cu & 5.62 g/t Ag AND 16.5m OF 0.50% Cu & 4.30 g/t Ag" the NR today. If the CEO is "very pleased" with those kind of numbers he'd have a multiple orgasm in public if he ever found something economically viable on his property. And be clear, you can call it "mineralization" til the cows come home, but even with the best will in the world and favourable met, recoveries and current metals prices that rock is worth no more than U$11.50 per tonne. The only company who could mine that number at a profit is Nevsun and that's because their....cough...labour costs are so low. Why this KTR thing's  share price is down just 3c today and the company still running a market cap of $28m is beyond me, it's worth zero. Plain fat zero.

In the end, the neophytes who buy into these pumps have three choices:

1) Learn the cheap way (this involves not acting like a nodding donkey every time you get a pitch run at you)
2) Learn the hard way (e.g. KTR.v, but please remember the names of the people who got you into this crapola).
3) Just carry on flushing your own money down the toilet, all your life. And as we live in a (relatively) free society, don't think for a minute that I'm going to try to stop you. Your life, do with it what you want. Hell, do it long enough and become one of the scumbag pumpers if you like.